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Sugarland has the Nation’s Most Creative Cake Decorator!

Sugarland's head decorator is the most creative cake decorator in the US!
We’re so pleased to announce that Stephanie, our head decorator, has been selected as one of only a dozen competitors for the Nation’s Most Creative Cake Decorator!  She’ll be jetting out to Las Vegas in October to face-off against 11 other professional decorators (and crush them!!!).  Not only is she one of just 12 competing throughout the US, she is one of only 3 who were chosen without having to complete a qualifying round.  How cool is that?!

It’s four days of intense decorating where she’ll have to construct and perfect 12 fantastic cakes and 12 cupcakes in just 12 hours!  Stephanie will be asked to make everything from both a wedding and a grooms cake in just a couple hours to a carved masterpiece, baby shower cake, and more while showing off every technique she knows and generally being extremely awesome.

We’re super excited about the whole thing, but we do feel a bit bad for the other decorators.

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