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Lemurs Like Cupcakes Too!

We’re picking back up our Charity of the Month program for April after this month’s super-awesome charity competition!  Next month we are partnering with the Duke Lemur Center.  They are the world’s largest sanctuary for rare and endangered prosimian primates, and they house about 250 animals including 15 species of lemurs.  Their mission is to promote research and understanding of prosimians in their natural habitat to contribute to educational development, conservation, and research.  If you want to help out, come on by to either store and pick up a cupcake on Wednesday.  We’re giving them 75 cents of each one sold every Wednesday all month long!

If you want to do more, you can even “Adopt a Lemur” at the center for $50 and we’ll give you a sweet surprise!  Unfortunately, you won’t get to take one home, but there are different packages of goodies available, so check it out!

We brought some sweet treats by the center, and look what they sent us!

Lemurs Like Cupcakes Too!

Brigita (ringtail) is part of a large family ringtail family group which is led by the matriarch Leisel.

Lemurs Like Cupcakes Too!

Brigita is very curious and loves to tease her brother Rolph.

Lemurs Like Cupcakes Too!

Alphard (red ruffed lemur) is a male who loves to alarm call and keeps life for his keepers interesting.

Lemurs Like Cupcakes Too!

Mosi (crowned lemur) is about to become a new dad. His mate is due in April.

 Lemurs Like Cupcakes Too!

In lemur social group, females are dominant and eat first, however, Mosi has some sneaky moves to sneak food before his mate Sheshat!

The lemurs didn’t really get to enjoy any cupcakes, but aren’t the pictures great?!  So help us support the Lemur Center next month by getting cupcakes on Wednesdays and making a donation to the center!



    • I know, right?! They are adorable! And the folks at the Lemur Center are great too- definitely stop by and get a you when you get the chance.

  2. This is exceptional! I kind of want to keep a lemur now XD

    • They do look cuddly! You can’t take one home, but you can adopt a lemur through the center and they’ll send you pictures and info about “your” lemur. If you do it this month, you event get a Sugarland gift card!

  3. Interesting pictures! I hope that everyone had both a great and safe Easter and April Fool’s Day! That goes for last year and all the other years that I’ve missed.

  4. Ha, the last one actually looks like he’s smiling!


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