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It’s gelato season!

I can’t believe how warm it’s been this spring! And, of course warm weather means gelato at Sugarland.  We’ve been working on lots of new flavors, but I think my favorite for spring is the strawberry rhubarb, but I do love things tart.

We get told often that our gelato is the best our customers have had since they visited Italy. Then they’ll usually tell us about some disappointing gelato they encountered somewhere else, so we thought it’d be a great idea to give you a primer in picking a good gelateria.

First look at the flavors. If they’ve got cookie dough or birthday cake etc…you’re in trouble. You should see some pure nut flavors like nocciola and pistachio, and run, don’t walk out the door of a gelateria that has gummy candies or sprinkles on it.

Next take a look at the gelato itself. Gelato should sit up in the pan. There are lots of ways to present gelato, but in general it should be swirly, tall, and hold it’s shape. If you see marks that look like a comb went across it, it almost always means that the gelato wasn’t made in house. That is how gelato that has been shipped is usually presented. if it’s really soft and puddly ( yes that’s a word) in the pan, it has too much sugar, or was made in a modified soft serve ice cream machine instead of an italian  gelato machine. The machine makes a difference!! If gelato is stirred too fast, it will get too much air in it and get hard and icy. If it isn’t cooled quickly enough, the gleato will form crystals that are too big, and the gelato will be course and grainy.

If you click on each of the pictures above, you can see what’s not quite up to par with the various gelato cases, based on my guess. Both my husband and I have been to gelato school in Italy and are certificate-holding ” Masters of Gelato.” We imported our machine, our case, and most of our ingredients from Italy. We use fresh milk and make our gelato every day. Fresh really matters with gelato. Since it doesn’t have a lot of fat in it, in can get grainy if it gets stored in a freezer too long.

Don’t forget that  at Sugarland we can also turn our delicious gelato into a fantastico frozen martini.   If you’d like to make one at home, here’s the recipe for one of our new martinis, the Buzztini :

3 oz lemon or margarita gelato

11/2 oz. vodka

3/4 oz sour apple schnapps

1 1/2 oz freshly made sour

Give it a quick blend, and pour it into a martini glass. Yumm!!

Still have questions about gelato? Check out of video that answers some of our most frequently asked questions!


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