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Indy Week Best of the Triangle 2014

Do you know the best bar in town?  Have opinions on the local Japanese fare?  Know where to get the best cupcakes?  (Just kidding.  That last one was too easy.  Hint:  It’s us!)

Best of the TriangleThen share your thoughts in this year’s “Best of the Triangle.”  Each year, the INDY asks YOU to tell them where your favorite local spots are, and it’s that time again!  You just have to fill in at least 20 categories (out of almost 300!) to submit your answers, and we’re even giving away free cupcakes just for participating!

INDY Voting GuideHow do you get a free cupcake, you ask?  Just drop by either store Sunday-Thursday and complete the survey there.  We’ve provided instructions and the counter staff are happy to help if you have any trouble.  While you’re at it, we’d love for you to nominate us in a few categories (because we like to win things, can you blame us?)

What are we going for this year?  Best Cupcake (duh), Best Dessert (yes, please!), Best Frozen Dessert (hello, gelato), Best Pie (seriously, have you seen ours, they’re amazing), Best Restaurant with Gluten-Free Options (we work hard to bring you delicious, fresh-baked, GF treats!), Best Local Coffee Shop Wake/Orange (stop by & let us prove it!), and Best Place for a Blind Date Wake/Orange (because let’s face it: we have caffeine, sugar, and alcohol, plus an almost all-girl staff!)

We’re also cheering on our lovely Sara Corbin of Sugarland Raleigh, who’d love to win the Barista category! She makes the best coffee drinks and we just love her here.  She works after 12 on Wednesdays and before 5 on Fridays if you wanna come out and test her mettle.  We’re pretty sure she’ll rock your world.  (She didn’t even tell us to say that!)

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