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Fro-Yo is a No-Go

Frozen yogurt just seems to get cooler and cooler.  I feel like a new fro-yo place is opening up every month!  In fact, some days I pass directly by more than a dozen places to get the frosty treat just on my way to work!

Look for this logo in the case at your favorite frozen yogurt shop. If it’s not there, you’re pretty much just getting soft serve ice cream!

And what’s not to love?  It’s a delicious treat that is not only guilt-free, it’s actually good for you, right?  Turns out, it may not be not so.  Irregular portion sizes, toppings, and more than 20 g of sugar make fro-yo dangerous to your waistline.  Not to mention, most frozen yogurt isn’t even yogurt!  Say goodbye to the live probiotics and active cultures that make real yogurt so good for you.

According to the National Yogurt Association, to get their seal, yogurt must have at least 100 million cultures per gram.  For frozen yogurt to get the NYA’s “Live and Active Cultures” seal, it must have at least 10 million cultures per gram.  That’s 10-fold less!  Since the threshold is so low, all the frozen yogurt shops must have it, right?  Surprisingly, no.  Sitting in Cameron Village, Yelp tells me that there are 18 places to get frozen yogurt within just a mile or so.  Of those, only one can claim the NYA’s seal.

So you’re not so worried about whether or not it’s truly yogurt- you just like it for the low-cal sweet treat that it is?  While it’s true that you can stay under 120 Calories with a single serving of fro-yo at most places, serving size is really important and toppings do have calories.  Take Sweet Frog’s Alpine Vanilla: it’s one of their nonfat frozen yogurt flavors with 100 Calories and 18 g of sugar for a 4 oz serving.  Now, a 4 oz serving isn’t much.  When is the last time that you know you only got a 1/2 cup of frozen yogurt?  Not sure?  Think about it like this: Remember those little cartons of milk in elementary school?  They were a whole cup.

It’s easy to see how the calories and sugar can add up quickly!  Throw a just a tablespoon of candy bar bits, chocolate chips, or even nuts on there and you’re looking at another 50+ calories each.  Plus, you have the really decadent toppings, and even “healthy” options like cereal and granola pack big calorie wallops!

With bikini season fast approaching, think about sticking to our fruit gelatos instead.  It’s definitely the best flavor-bang for your calorie-buck.  They are made with 75% fresh fruit by weight, and almost all of them are under 100 Calories for the generous portion we serve up, but lookout for the lemon- it’s sneaky and comes in closer to 130.


Didn’t want to read the whole thing?  It’s all good.  Here’s a video of what Doctor Oz has to say about fro-yo: Part 1, Part 2.

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