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Fabulous Finger Frills

Ah, Pinterest.  Such a blessing and a curse!  On one hand it’s a great tool and shows you so many wonderful things you might never have found otherwise.  Want to make your own laundry detergent that’s eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic, and only costs $1.17?  You got it.  Need some home-decoration inspiration?  There are hundreds of amazing, beautiful, and even some awe-inspiring houses out there.  Planning a wedding?  Don’t even get me started.

The problem with Pinterest, though, is the staggering amount of things on there.  Sometimes I think the whole web is encapsulated in the great “online pin board.” Getting on there is like going down the rabbit hole.  I got on last night just to find something cool to make for my last minute gifts- you know the ones.  It wasn’t fifteen minutes before I found myself looking at the coolest staircases in the world and outfits for the pets I do not have.  Before long I was elbow deep in wedding boards and engagement rings.  Amazing how that happens!

Anyway,  after much scouring, here are the top five ridiculously gorgeous engagement rings I found!


Source: etsy.com via Sugarland on Pinterest

Source: obaz.com via Sugarland on Pinterest


Wouldn’t one of those be nice all boxed up under the tree?!  Jewelry is always on my list.  There’s just something about that sparkle!

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