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Designing a wedding cake with personality

Designing a Wedding Cake with Personality-Sugarland Traditional Wedding Cake

This is a perfectly nice cake, and if it’s what you want, then go for it! But don’t be afraid to add a little personality!

More than any other time, your wedding day is all about YOU!

Yeah, yeah.  Everybody has their birthday, but hundreds of people don’t travel from far away to faun over you and give you things all weekend for your birthday (or maybe I’m just doing it wrong?).  The point is: everything that day is about you two.  You pick the flowers, your favorite foods (who cares if there is bacon in every dish?  It’s your day, by golly!), the people you want there, the music, everything!  You spend weeks trying to find the perfect venue and an invitation that is the perfect balance of beautiful, elegant, cheeky, and informative.  So why would you want a wedding cake that could belong to just anybody?

We’re way past the standard 3-tier white get-up with piles of frosting!  Sure, if that’s what you really want, then go for it.  White buttercream, swiss dots, and a ribbon or fresh flowers can be beautiful and timeless.  But in this day of personalizing everything, why don’t you make your cake as unique as you are?  Especially when it’s the most affordable upgrade you can make for your wedding.  I mean, the difference between a top of the line and middle of the road venue, dress, caterer, or photographer can be thousands of dollars.  The difference between a plain white buttercream cake and an ornately decorated and totally customized cake is, at most, a couple of bucks a slice.  (I know there are bakers out there charging upwards of $20 or more a slice, but there are also wedding dresses that cost tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, so let’s just talk real life).

So, how do you design a wedding cake with some personality?  The number one thing we do when you come to a design consultation, is ask that you bring in five things you LOVE about your wedding.  That way, we can work with you to develop a delicious work of art that fits seamlessly into your day!  Here are some examples:

1) Is there something about the architecture of your venue that you like?

We had a couple who absolutely loved their venue and the historic stained glass in all the windows, so we recreated the pattern on their cake.

Designing a Wedding Cake with Personality-Sugarland Stained Glass Wedding Cake

This is one of our all-time most commented on cakes. There are tons of ways to incorporate just about any architectural or venue detail into your cake!

2) Is there something on your invitations or save the dates that you just adore?

This couple just loved the branched design on their invitations and used the same motif throughout their ceremony and reception to create a cohesive theme.

Designing a Wedding Cake with Personality-Sugarland Cake to Match Your Invitations

We can match any motif you like- it’s all about personalization. And it’s the South, so we’re always ready to add a monogram!

3) Do you have the dress you always imagined?

Your wedding gown is one of those things that you dream about as a little girl.  It is the most important dress you’ll ever wear, and for some it is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your day.  It has the power to make you (and your mom) smile and cry at the same time.  So, it’s not surprising that we do TONS of fashion-inspired cakes that draw inspiration from the bride’s wedding gown and accessories.

Designing a Wedding Cake with Personality- Sugarland Dress Cake

Everything from the flower detailing to the ruffles and gathers is reflected in the cake. Sometimes we just pick up on one or two details, and sometimes it’s the whole ensemble!

4) Is there some personal touch in your ceremony or reception that’s important to you?

This cake was hand painted to match an heirloom Dutch Delftware china pattern.

Designing a Wedding Cake with Personality- Sugarland Wedding Cake to Match China Pattern

I couldn’t find the original picture of the china pattern, but this gives you an idea of the style. And the little piggy is really cute!

5) Is there something about you as a couple or a theme for the evening that you’d like to incorporate?

This couple wanted to have an outdoor/wildlife theme for their wedding.  Each table had a different animal as part of the table number and their cake topper was two adorable whales, so they carried that over into quite possibly the coolest (most unique) wedding cake decoration ever: a pink octopus!

Designing a Wedding Cake with Personality- Pink Octopus Sugarland Wedding Cake

We’ll take any excuse to do something this neat!


And if you want to stick with a traditional white cake, we’ve got that covered too!  You can always opt for a simple wedding cake and do something really cool and personal with a groom’s cake.  They’re super fun and who’s going to argue with more cake?!


Stained Glass Cake photo by Story Photographers and the Dress Cake photo by Brian Mullins Photography

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