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Wedding Cakes for Every Style!

No two weddings are the same, and no two cakes will be either! Your wedding is special and unique, and there is a perfect cake to match you and your groom’s ceremony. We’ve made hundreds of wedding cakes, from two tier cutting cakes with cupcakes, to six tier masterpieces that could feed an army. And no matter what your colors are,where your reception is, or how many guests you’ll be having, we can make the cake that is truly and perfectly yours! Check out some of these gorgeous cakes below that reflect each individual ceremony and just what the bride and groom wanted! Let us know which one you like best in the comments! 
Light Blue Carolina Inn Wedding Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis cake was specifically designed to match the room it was in at the Carolina Inn!

Gold and Blush Wedding Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis cake was for a classy New Orleans themed wedding, and what better way to combine wedding and New Orleans then soft pink with elaborate and fun gold piping?!

Purple Orchids Wedding Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis bride fell in love with a Gold and Blush cake we’d made before, but made it her own with different colors and flowers!

Gold Lace Wedding Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis gorgeous cake has ivory lace piping and gold ribbon that beautifully match the flowers and decor!

Green Flowers Wedding Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillSome bright green flowers were the perfect accent on this cake!

All White Wedding Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis all white cake is elegant and sophisticated and has a fun surprise on the inside!

High Protein, Ebola, and Global Warming. Oh my!

High Protein, Ebola, and Global Warming…

(guest post by Katrina Ryan, executive chef)

So, I bet you never thought you’d see a blog title like that on your favorite bakery’s website.

2014 was a tough year for cake. Americans spent over 2 billion dollars on Greek yogurt, which gives cupcakes a little bit of a complex, since they don’t feel like your favorite treat anymore. Add to that every cup of the high protein, lower sugar snack uses 5 times as much milk to produce as traditional yogurt. “So what?” you ask…Butter, that’s what. Here at Sugarland, our butter bill has always been more than the rent on the Chapel Hill store, but in 2014 butter prices very nearly doubled due to the amount of milk being used by Greek yogurt manufacturers. Since we never use any funny fats, that’s a lot of extra butter budget.

And if that weren’t enough, globally, the tsunami in the Indian Ocean wiped out about a 1/3 of the worlds vanilla plantations, sending vanilla bean prices up by 64%, and the increase is doubling each month. Prices went up 12% from October to December. Ebola in Africa is killing large amounts of the worldwide chocolate supply (or more specifically, the people who harvest cocoa beans), and chocolate prices are expected to more than double this year.

We work very hard to keep our prices at a point that Sugarland is an amazing wedding value. Rather than cheapen our ingredients or cut corners, after looking at the math, we are announcing our first price increase since 2011. Weddings booked after January 20th will be subject to 20% price increase, meaning our wedding package prices will start at $6 per guest.

We still have 3 spots left in our tasting this Sunday afternoon if you’d like to get ahead and guarantee 2014 prices. Likewise, if you’ve been to see us for a tasting or consultation, by calling us and giving us your wedding deposit by the end of the day on the 20th, we will honor our 2014 pricing as well.

We hate, hate, hate having to start the year with such a buzzkill, so PLEASE take us up on the 2014 pricing offer if you can.

The Carolina Inn Bridal Show is here!

Carolina Inn Bridal ShowGuess what?! It’s our favorite time of the year- wedding planning season!! First off, we’d like to say congrats to all our brides to be! Whether you’re counting down the final days, or still trying to get used to seeing the ring on your finger, this is a very exciting time! And what makes wedding planning easier than all your favorite vendors in one spot? [Read more…]

Wedding Cupcakes- The Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding Cupcakes Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillWedding cupcakes have made their mark in the world of wedding desserts! There’s nothing cuter than an individual cake for each of your guests, especially decorated to match your wedding. These tiny treats are whimsical and sweet, and so fun for your guests to unwrap and enjoy.

But are they right for your wedding? If you’re looking to save some money with dessert in your budget, think again. These mini cakes can add up, especially if you want to get fancy wrappers or intricate decorations. [Read more…]

Gold and Glamorous Wedding Cake

It’s the beginning of another wedding season and you know what that means- it’s time for more wedding cakes! Whether you’re newly engaged, deep into the planning, waiting for the ring, or you just like looking at tasty treats, you can feast your eyes on these gorgeous cakes! We sometimes notice trends in cake, and recently we’ve been feeling these glamorous gold details. We love sparkly gold ribbon, hand painted gold details, and wedding cake that is completely coated in the magnificent metallic.

What are your favorite wedding cake trends? Do you prefer a classic white cake with pretty flowers? Or do you love these lustrous desserts?

Gold Leaf Wedding Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThe gold leaves and beautiful gold topper on this cake make it romantic and elegant! [Read more…]

The Knot Best of Weddings 2014

Steampunk Wedding Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillSugarland The Knot Best of Weddings 2014We’ve been busy this wedding season- Sugarland won The Knot Best of Weddings 2014 for Wedding Cakes and Desserts! Yippee!! The Knot has featured us as a winner and we’re just oh so honored to have won!

It’s been a wonderful year of making awesome wedding cakes. From pretty sugar flowers to intricate lace piping, we’ve made some outstanding cake masterpieces. We’re so proud of the beautiful cakes we’ve made and so grateful for the wonderful reviews all our brides write for us. You can see more wedding cakes we’ve made this year on our Pinterest, or see what other brides are saying about us and leave your own comment on The Knot! We’re so excited for all our brides in 2015! Make sure to let us know how much you enjoyed your cake as we head towards The Knot Best of Weddings 2015!
Rustic Wedding Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel Hill
The Knot Best of Weddings 2014

The worst wedding cake idea

The very, very worst wedding cake idea…

There’s a really bad cake out there. Heck, Cake Wrecks has created a cottage industry out of cake mockery, and if you haven’t ever read yourself some Wreckage, you should pour yourself a bit of your beverage of choice and have a laugh.

But somebody once said, “Comedy is tragedy that happens to someone else.”  We’re pretty committed to the minimization of cake tragedy here at Sugarland, so I thought I’d share the worst cake idea I’ve seen in a while that keeps popping it’s sugary little head up all over the wedding-y blogs.

NAKED CAKE~ SHORTCAKE CAKE ~ RUSTIC UNICED CAKE~ Whatever you call it, it is a big ol’ disaster waiting to happen .

Naked cake is a really bad ideaLet’s start here… Lovely cake, don’t you think? Cute as a button for a rustic country wedding. Well, take a second look at the “stand”. It’s a straight cross cut of a tree trunk. You know what lives in bark? Bugs, all kinds of them. You know what bugs like? Cake! So unless you’re looking for an extra bit of protein in every slice, let’s stop setting up wedding cakes on slabs o’ tree trunk.

Naked cake is a really bad ideaNext… It’s important to mention that the coat of buttercream on the outside of the cake is what holds the delicious filling inside the cake. Take a look at this happy couple, they have put the knife in the cake exactly once, and the sucker is already listing to the left because the middle tier that they’re cutting is collapsing.

Naked cake is a really bad ideaBut the biggest reason that you should never, ever consider this really awful wedding idea is this: most of these types of cakes/events happen outside. If you haven’t checked your map lately, North Carolina is in the South, where it can get uncomfortably hot almost anytime of year. When you think of a delicious shortcake, I’ll bet you think of berries and delicious whipped cream in layers of tasty pound cake. Heck, Southern Living featured the cake on the right… they must know something about weddings in the south, right?

Naked cake is a really bad ideaWell, here is what HAACP ( the food safety people) say about whipped cream… The temperature of the food item may not exceed 70° F during the 6-hour time span AND it is necessary to monitor the food item to ensure that the warmest portion of the food does not exceed 70° F during the 6-hour period. Throw out the food item within the marked discard time. Do not store these food items as a leftover. So exactly how often is there a day in the South where the temperature doesn’t exceed 70 degrees? And would you want to be at a wedding on any of those days? The truth of the matter is that beautiful berry laden cake is most likely about as real as a Victoria Secret model’s breasts. Here is what happens to whipped cream outside in the South, and as soon as this even starts to happen, that cake is going to fall apart into a thousand sloppy, goppy pieces as soon as a knife hits it. So, can we please, please stop it with the naked cake?

A groom’s cake he’ll love (and wedding cakes for her!)

We’ve gotten some pretty crazy requests for custom cakes, but a groom’s cake tops them all! Your groom’s cake will represent your soon-to-be hubby, and all the things that are important to him. This is when we get to do the really fun cakes, that are made to look like a mountain, a cooler, or even his beloved fur baby! And just to keep things balanced, check out some of these pretty in pink wedding cakes we’ve made recently! Let us know which one is your favorite :)

The Hunt is Over Groom's Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis groom loves to hunt, and the hunt is over now that he’s found his beautiful bride!

Classic Floral Wedding Cake by Sugarland Raleigh Chapel Hill- Robin Lin PhotographyThis beautiful wedding cake is a classic, floral cake. So timeless and pretty! Thanks to Robin Lin Photography for the beautiful pictures of this one!

Pink Floyd The Wall Groom's Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillFor the groom who’s ready to rock- a Pink Floyd cake!

Pink Ombre Wedding Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillPink Ombre is trending- and it makes for a beautiful wedding cake!

Basketball Dog Groom's Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis ECU graduate groom loves basketball and his cute pup too!

Gold and Pink Wedding Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillGold and Pink are so pretty on this gorgeous and detailed wedding cake!

Yeti Cooler Fishing Groom's Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillFor a groom who loves fishing, there’s nothing better than a big trout in a Yeti cooler!

Pink Ombre Ruffle Wedding Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillOmbre is definitely in, and we love the fun flair the ruffles give this pink wedding cake!

Porsche Race Car Groom's Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis Porsche loving groom got his dream cake, with a mini Porsche race car on top!

The Last Wedding Tip of the Week

The Last Wedding Tip of the Week Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillWe hope each wedding tip of the week has helped you plan your perfect dream wedding! You’ve got all your vendors booked, your center pieces are done, you’ve picked out your first dance song, and you and your fiancé are happily counting down the days until the big day. So, here’s our last wedding sanity saving tip. Just stay sane :)

If that sounds just a little sarcastic, it’s not meant to be. Despite all your perfect planning, something will still go wrong. It just will. It’s best to accept this ahead of time and be prepared to just let it go.

The photographer will get lost, the flower girl will start crying halfway down the aisle, the ring bearer will poke his finger in the wedding cake, your bouquet will have too much baby’s breath and not enough calla lilies, you’ll spill pinot noir on your dress, or Aunt Susie will get drunk at the reception.

But at the end of the day, you’re married to the man of your dreams. Nothing is going to change that. So stay calm, kick your shoes off, dance, and make sure you get a piece of your wedding cake! (Seriously- we make good cake. Eat a piece!)

Take our advice, we’ve had a lot of experience when it comes to weddings. If you’ve got a wedding tip we didn’t cover, leave us a comment so other brides can share in your wedding wisdom!



Wedding Tip of the Week- Don’t forget about your groom

Ignoring the GroomFor a lot of brides, wedding planning becomes a full contact competitive sport. The pins, the swatches, the vendors, the tastings, it can feel like the Iron Man Triathlon (or so we imagine, because really that sounds crazy). In the race to the perfect wedding, one key team member tends to get left in the starting gate… the groom.

The cold, hard truth of the matter is that most grooms haven’t imagined five or six versions of “their perfect day” since they were twelve, so sometimes, it seems like grooms lack a bit of “team spirit”.  We have yet to see a groom go gaga over table linens.

But, hey, you wouldn’t even be having a wedding if he didn’t propose, so cut the guy some slack, and get him involved in the parts of the wedding that are fun and meaningful to him!

1. Guys like food! Let him help with the food and drinks, and menu tastings make a great substitute date with the bonus of getting another TO DO checked off your wedding planning list. Ditto the Groom’s cake. Even if you’re trying to surprise him, see if you can get a tasting together or drop into your bakery and pick up some cupcakes, and then you can book the details of the cake later when he’s not around.

2. Let him pick what he wears. Not every guy has James Bond’s fondness for formal wear.

3. Tag team the registry. Don’t just register for dishes and towels. Have him register for things he wants too, like a grill set, tools, or a TV.  After all, the gifts are supposed to be for both of you.

4. Music- Most groom’s we talk to really only care about three things. What they wear, what they eat, and what they play at the reception. Go visit bands together (again, great faux date night activity). Pick your wedding song together. Don’t make him dance a Rhumba if he doesn’t have the hips for it.

5. Last, but not least, let him decide things pertaining to his friends and family. If it’s going to hurt Aunt Mabel’s feelings, or your groom really, really, really doesn’t want his college friends seated with your college friends at the “singles tables”. Set up a frat boy table, and let your planner know that’s where trouble is bound to start.

Weddings are supposed to be a celebration of your newfound couplehood . Make sure your wedding planning has some “couple” team spirit!