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Get Ready for Cupcake Couture!

Cupcake Couture by Sugarland and Fab'rikCupcake Couture is coming! Sugarland in Chapel Hill will be hosting Fab’rik on November 6th from 4-8pm for a night of sweets and style. Fab’rik will be bringing over a great selection of clothing and accessories for you to peruse while you enjoy some tasty treats!

During the event, you can enjoy a cupcake on us when you purchase a glass of wine or frozen martini, and Fab’rik will be offering 20% off all clothing and accessories purchased at the event! What better way to spend sometime with your friends than with cupcakes and shopping? So grab your friends and come over for Cupcake Couture to see the latest styles and some delicious sweets!

Great coffee, even better cause.

Care Cups Oak City RoastersWe know what do-gooders our Sugarfans are, and we love to spread the good as well! We’ve got a wonderful opportunity for you to help out with an awesome cause! Oak City Roasters, the wonderful company that makes our delicious coffee, has come up with a brilliant new business model to create individual servings of their coffee, similar to K-Cups, which they will call Care Cups. The product will allow people to have local coffee shop taste come right out of their Keurig, from their own home.

But the product isn’t really what this is about. Oak City Roasters has partnered with Wake Enterprises to employee adults with developmental disorders to create and produce the Care Cups, which is awesome! They intend to give adults with autism an opportunity they don’t normally get- the opportunity for real, full time employment, making a product they can be proud of. We’re so excited about employment opportunities for the developmentally disabled!

We love to support this cause! But we can’t do it alone. Oak City Roasters needs funds for equipment and other costs associated with starting such an awesome business. These crucial funds come from generous people like you, our dear Sugarfans, and you are the ones who can make this amazing dream a reality. Even if it’s just $5, every donation makes a difference. You can visit their website to find more information and donate to this amazing project!

Why a good wedding planner is worth her weight in cake!

Wedding Cake Accident



As you may or may not know, there was a bit of a wedding cake-tastrophe this summer.  Another wedding cake professional in the Triangle got into a wreck with a delivery van full of cakes!  Can you imagine getting ready for your big day and you get a call that your $1000 wedding cake has been reduced to a pile of crumbly mess?  I know brides are known for their cool, calm demeanor, but that’s pushing it.

Cue Megan Gillikin of A Southern Soiree to the rescue.  This super hero of a wedding planner called your favorite sweet specialists to save the day!  In just under four hours (thank you, blast freezer) we were able to whip up not only a cake, but exactly THE cake that the bride wanted.  Original flavors, design, and all!  The moral of this story is not that we rock (though, if you come away with that knowledge too, we won’t complain), but that a wedding planner is more than just someone Jennifer Lopez played in a movie once.


A good wedding planner can give you professional guidance in the planning of your wedding.  They can help you find the right vendors and coordinate the day.  They are your liaison to the other wedding professionals ensuring that everything goes smoothly.  With a wedding planner, you never have to know if the caterer was late or tell them how to set up for the reception.  All you have to worry about is trying not to cry before you get your pictures taken!

In the case of the light-speed cake, Megan knew to call us because we had had lunch the week before and she knew that with our new store, there’s virtually no limit to the amount of cake we can make.  So when she called us she knew that we were the best place in the area to fix her problem.  This is not the kind of things just every body knows.  Do you know a florist or photographer or DJ you could call on the fly?  A wedding planner does.  When you hire a good planner, whether it’s full service or just day-of, you hire not only her and her expertise, but you hire her rolodex (iPhone?) too.

We here at Sugarland have several planners that we just love to work with~ if you need a recommendation, drop us a line.