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Jem and The Holograms Advanced Screening Passes

Stop by our Cameron Village location today for Jem and The Holograms advanced screening passes and swag including, Jem chap stick, Jem sunglasses, Jem light-up rings, movie posters and more!

To sweeten the deal all of our cupcakes are half off dine-in and 4 for $10 to-go!

Now that’s a sweet deal!

And check out Jem and The Holograms opening October 23, 2015!

It’s been a great year, Sugarfans!

As we wrap up another great year, we’ve decided to take a quick look back at some of our favorite happenings in 2014.  In case you missed out, here’s what we’ve been up to (Besides, of course, making thousands of cakes, cupcakes, and fresh pastries!):

Sugarland 2014

We were nominated for 7 awards in the Indy Best of the Triangle– Best Bakery, Best Cupcake, Best Desserts, Best Frozen Desserts, Best Pie, and Best Place for a Blind Date in both Orange/Chatham and Wake counties. That was all thanks to you, our sugar fans, sharing all the Sugarland love!

We also won The Knot “Best of Weddings” Award for 2015! Once again, we’ve had the privilege of working with the most wonderful couples in the Triangle and are so grateful for all the kind words you shared about your experiences with us!

Through our Charity of the Month program and donations, we’ve given more than $3000 to several wonderful local charities this year.  We’ve gotten to work with the Duke Lemur Center, the Carolina Tiger Rescue, The Boys and Girls Club, the Movember Foundation, Kidzu Children’s Museum in Chapel Hill, and so many small and large groups to make 2014 a little sweeter!

We hosted our first ever March Madness- Great Cake Off! Starting with 64 cakes on our Pinterest board, and over 100 participants, you all pinned and liked until we had narrowed it down to one winning cake!

There have been so many other funs times this year and great moments that we’re grateful to have gotten to share with you!  We can’t wait to see what 2015 holds for us and all our lovely Sugarfans!

What was your most memorable moment this year?


Super Sweet Spa Night

Hand and Stone Spa Raleigh NC for Super Sweet Spa NightJoin us on Wednesday, August 27th for a Super Sweet Spa Night! We’ll be partnering with Hand and Stone Spa to bring you an awesome spa night of sugar and massages. Get excited for an evening of sweet treats, your favorite wine, getting pampered, and fun times with your friends!
Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa has been working hard to open their newest location in Cameron Village. They’ll be joining us soon, but are excited to show off some of their awesome services at Sugarland before they open! They’ll have some specialists here to provide their fantastic Heavenly Hand Massages, and will also be bringing a spa basket that you can enter in our raffle to win!
We will be having our Girl’s Night Out, which means when you buy a glass of wine, you’ll enjoy a cupcake on us! So grab your friends and make sure you come by next Wednesday between 6-8pm for an awesome night of massages and sweet treats! We can’t wait to see you there!

5 Reasons You Need a Cupcake

5 Reasons You Need a CupcakeNot that I feel like you actually need convincing, but just in case it’s one of those days where you say “No, I really shouldn’t,” here’s why you really should. We all know the difference between a want and a need, and usually cupcakes are a want. But here are 5 reasons you need a cupcake:

1. Your brain runs on sugar.  Your body breaks down carbs and turns it into glucose, which is the primary source of energy for your brain. I’m not saying cupcakes will make you smarter, but your brain will appreciate the energy boost!

2. Giving into cravings once in a while prevents over-indulgence. I know you’re craving that cupcake, and in an effort to be good you eat some carrots instead. But then you’re still hungry so you have some almonds. You’re still going to be craving that cupcake later. So save yourself the calories of the carrots and almonds and just have the cupcake now!

3. Dark chocolate can lower your blood pressure. Scientists have done a study that found dark chocolate may slightly decrease your blood pressure. Don’t rely on chocolate to regulate your blood pressure, but a moderate amount of dark chocolate may be helpful!

4. Chocolate releases endorphins. Seriously! Eating chocolate releases endorphins in the brain. If you’ve seen Legally Blonde, you know what endorphins do. But for those of you that haven’t, endorphins are chemicals in your body that can cause feelings of euphoria and lower pain. Endorphins make you happy!

5. Because you deserve it. Let’s be real. Today was a hard day, or an awesome day, or even just a regular day. No matter what kind of day it is, it’s a good day for a cupcake.

I’m sure you have your own personal reasons you need a cupcake, but there’s five good ones if you’re looking for a reason to treat yourself. And just to brighten your day a bit, here’s a video of a little girl trying to convince her mom to make cupcakes! How aboooout… Cupcakes!

Lego-Palooza comes to Franklin Street!

Lego ManLooking for something fun to do with your little ones on Franklin Street? This weekend is Lego-Palooza at the Morehead Planetarium! Put on by the North Carolina LEGO User’s Group for the last nine years, this lego-tastic exhibit will host awesome displays and Lego scenes. The exhibit will include all your favorite Lego sets, from amusement parks to city landmarks and more!

Visitors can enjoy all the Lego models on Saturday, April 26th from 11am-4pm and Sunday, April 27th from 1pm-4pm. Admission is free and the exhibit is recommended for children over the age of six. After you’re done exploring all the lego-mania, take a quick walk up the street and get yourself some yummy cupcakes or refreshing gelato! It’s a beautiful weekend to enjoy a tasty treat on Franklin Street and check out some really cool Legos!

Lemurs at Sugarland?!

Duke Lemur Center Maky at SugarlandIt’s Lemur Week and our friends at the Duke Lemur Center have devised a fun, Triangle-wide scavenger hunt called Lemur Quest!  There are tons of participating businesses all with one of DLC’s Lemurs just waiting to be found!  To participate, just go print your field guide and take pictures with the lemurs!  You get points for posting them to social media and triple points if you get a selfie with Maky!  He’s the Lemur Center’s mascot and he’ll be making appearances all over the place!

He stopped by at the Chapel Hill store on Sunday and we got to snap a few shots!  Maky and the DLC volunteers were super nice and got to enjoy some sweet treats with us!

Don’t forget to stop in to both Sugarland locations to find the lemurs like these sweet ladies!

Duke Lemur Center Lemur Quest for Lemur Week at Sugarland

And don’t forget that we have pictures of lemurs with Sugarland cupcakes!  Guaranteed to make you smile!

Pi Month, you say?!

Yes.  Yes, we do.  Pi Day is a veritable holiday in these parts.  Between the math geeks, pastry enthusiasts, and folks who just like to celebrate things, it’s pretty much mandatory that we embrace the tradition.  But this year… it’s not just March 14th that we’re celebrating.  This year, we have a whole Pi Month!

Strawberry Rhubarb Tarts

Friday Pie Day coming to you all Pi Month!

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March Madness Great Cake-Off

Wanna win a $100 Sugarland gift card?  This month, we’re making it easy!

This year, we thought we’d get in on a little March Madness Sugarland-style with a “Great Cake-Off”!  We’ve made a special board on Pinterest where you can check out the competition.  Our starting line-up has been set and points are scored according to how many repins each cake gets from that board each week.

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Awesome things you might have missed in 2013

We’ve had an awesome year with all our sugar friends!  As 2013 winds down, we thought it would be a great time to share some of our favorite bits (and cakes) that you might’ve missed!

2013 at Sugarland [Read more…]

Year-old milk and eggs are not delicious.

The other day, an English friend of mine mentioned laying down her holiday cakes to get them ready for Christmas.  She was upset that she hadn’t gotten started months earlier so they would have more time to soak.  Three month old cake might sound like an odd treat, but in all of Great Britain, they make fruit cakes which are essentially fruit stuck together with as little cake batter as possible and soaked  regularly with alcohol over several months (brandy, whiskey, port).

A 65-year-old piece of fruit cake from the wedding Queen Elizabeth II that was just sold at auction

Fruit cake in England, as opposed to the florescent cherry bearing concoction found in the American South, is a medeival way of preserving fruit for the winter. Properly made, it’ll also give you that warm ” holiday glow,” if you get my drift.  This i where the tradition of saving your top wedding cake tier came from too. Originally, the tradition was to save the wedding cake for the first child’s christening.  In England, fruitcake is the traditional wedding cake flavor (and what Will & Kate chose) .  While no one would argue that months or years-old Brandy-infused fruit is a bad thing, the traditional US wedding cake is an entirely different confection. [Read more…]