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Help End Hunger, Get A Sweet Treat

Sugarland is proud to partner with The Carolina Veterans Organization for The Ruck for Hunger. The Ruck will take place along Franklin Street in downtown Chapel Hill, Saturday, October 3rd at 10AM. Don’t forget to stop in at our Chapel Hill location after the Ruck for a treat.

Sugarfans, we need your help! From now until October 2nd, those who donate canned food in our stores will receive a sweet treat as a Thank You from all of us at Sugarland. After the Ruck, all food will be donated to TABLE of Carrboro, NC, and the Carolina Food Pantry.

Ruck For Hunger Poster

Click here for more information on The Ruck for Hunger.

Carolina Tiger Rescue

Calling all Sugarfans! The tigers need your help! Sugarland will be partnering with the Carolina Tiger Rescue during the month of September. 

Aria Carolina Tiger RescueWe’re excited to help out these beautiful wildcats and we’ll be donating a portion of every cupcake sold on Wednesdays to the Carolina Tiger Rescue. Make sure you come by on Wednesdays and get a cupcake for yourself, your family, and your friends, because each cupcake helps!

In case you have never been to Carolina Tiger Rescue, we hope you will go out for a visit – but before you do, meet Aria:  Aria was born on May 25, 2003 to a breeder in South Carolina.  Her family took her to live in their backyard in the country until the age of 10.  When Aria was 10 she became very ill and began to lose weight even though she was eating.  Her owners attempted to find vet care but were unable to find anyone willing to care for a tiger.  Over the next few months Aria became very thin and her fur became feathery and frail.  She was so weak, she could not even lift her head.  Aria was around 200 pounds, nearly half the weight she should have been, when Animal Control officers came to evaluate her situation and immediately called Carolina Tiger Rescue.  When Aria first arrived at Carolina Tiger Rescue, she had a thorough examination and blood tests showed she had a “pancreatic deficiency”.  Aria was fed beef pancreas with her food to provide enzymes that her body couldn’t.  After a few months Aria regained all her weight and was moved to a spacious grassy habitat.  Today, Aria loves afternoon naps in the sun.  She is a very social tiger and loves to chuffle at visitors and staff.

Come on by, get your delicious on and support our favorite BIG cats at the same time!

A Purrrfect Angel Tree

The Cameron Village Angel Tree is so popular year after year, that we are bringing one to Chapel Hill too!  But this tree comes with a twist: all the gifts on our Angel Tree in Chapel Hill will be benefitting the sweet cats over at the Carolina Tiger Rescue! There are tons of tags to choose from with all kinds of gifts.  From treats for our furry friends to tools and office needs for the staff who care for them.  And since it’s Christmas, we’ve got a present for you too!  When you bring back your unwrapped gift and the tag it belongs to, we’ll give you a sweet treat to say “thanks!”

Carolina Tiger Rescue Angle Tree at SugarlandHelping out is easy! Just come pick a tag from our tree with an item on it that CTR needs. While you’re out shopping for your loved ones, pick up your gift for the tigers as well! Bring the tag and gift back to Sugarland, and we’ll have a sweet reward for you. The tags with red ribbons will get you a 4-pack of cupcakes to take home and the other colors are all good for a sugar dough! We know it may seem backwards to offer a reward for a donation, but it’s cupcakes! And more cupcakes is more happy.

Doing something little like this can help out the tigers in a big way! And with free cupcakes as a thank you, it’s the purrrfect way to give back this holiday season!

The Angel Tree is Back!

Angel Tree at SugarlandCan’t get enough holiday shopping? Pick up an extra present for a sweet boy or girl on our Angel Tree!

You, our Sugar Fans, blow us away every year with your generosity and we’re proud to say that we have managed to collect gifts for every child for the past two years!  Help us carry on the tradition and come pick out a tag, or several, and bring a little Christmas joy to a few more families this year!

Here’s how it works: Come in to Sugarland in Cameron Village and choose a tag on the angel tree. The tag will have one child’s information and what they want this year for Christmas. Then go out and get your gift! Bring it back to Sugarland by December 18th, unwrapped and with the receipt. We’ll check your tag back in, and reward you for your good deed with a four pack of cupcakes on us!

We know there’s no reward quite like knowing you’ve made a difference in a child’s life. But we also think you deserve some cupcakes! So why not get the best of both worlds? Give a child the gift of a happy holiday, and enjoy some tasty treats while you’re at it!


If you’re in the Chapel Hill area and looking to give a little this year, stay tuned!  We have the purr-fect opportunity planned for the Franklin St. store coming next week!

Mo-cupcakes! Mo-money!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who has the manliest mustache of them all? By the end of this month, we’ll know! We’ve given you a two week head start, men, to get your sweet ‘staches growing. Now it’s time to see how your furry, facial flavor saver stands up to the competition!

The rules are simple- take a picture of yourself, aka a selfie, sporting some Sugarland sweets all up in your ‘stache. Make sure to include the words cupcakes and ‘stache in your caption! We’ll be donating an extra dollar to the UNC Movember Network for every ‘stache selfie we get! Tag our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag, #mocupcakes, so we can see your magnificent mustache! Then, find your selfie on our Facebook page and share with all your friends to get more likes. The picture that has the most likes at the end of the day on November 30th will receive a $100 Sugarland gift card. That’s a lot of Mo Bro cupcakes!!

So step away from the razors and shaving cream and get yourself a cupcake, because it’s time for a facial hair throw down!Movember at Sugarland

Movember Madness

Mochastache Cream Pie Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillCalling all Mo Bros and Mo Sistas! This Movember we’re joining in on the mustache movement! While we won’t actually be growing our own fuzzy face features, we will be serving some serious ‘stache-y sweets! Come by every Thursday this month to try one of our mo cupcakes or mochastache pies and we’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to help change the face of men’s health!

In honor of Movember, here are some fan-tache-stic facts for you:

Mo Bro Cupcake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel Hill1. A mustache is capable of absorbing 20% of it’s own weight in liquid. So feel free to get a little sloppy with that slurpie!

2. Ninety percent of men shave once a day. Shaving uses up a total of five months of a man’s life if he starts at the age of 14. Think of all the free time you’ll have when you skip shaving that ‘stache this Movember!

3. Average human hair grows at a rate of 0.014 inches a day, or about 5 or 6 inches a year. So by the end of Movember, your mustache will be about half an inch long!

4. The oldest recorded mustache dates back to about 300 B.C.!

5. If you’re trying to be fancy, refer to shaving as pogonotomy. After all, a mo automatically makes you more distinguished, so up your vocabulary game too.
6. There is a World Beard and Moustache Championship. Just let that sink in for a sec. Then, go and check out all the amazing mustaches you can aspire to grow this month.

Other than indulging in tasty treats, how can you get in on the sweet ‘stache action? Grow your own! Check out these do’s and don’ts to make sure your crumb-catcher is top notch. Feel free to visit the Movember website for more details on being a mo bro or mo sista, and information to share to help raise awareness! Then come by for a mo cupcake or mochastache pie!

Beard Team USA

Show the Lemurs Some Love!

Yay Lemurs! Sugarland and Duke Lemur CenterCalling all Sugarfans! The lemurs need your help! Sugarland will be partnering with the Duke Lemur Center during the month of October. The Duke Lemur Center was founded in 1966 on 80 wooded acres near Duke’s main campus as a research and conservation facility. Today, they house almost 250 animals across 21 different species and they are the largest collection of lemurs in the world outside of Madagascar! I got to go hang out with these guys for the afternoon and take them some cupcakes- aren’t they adorable?!

We’re excited to help out these cute little guys! We’ll be donating 75 cents of every cupcake sold on Wednesdays to the DLC. Make sure you come by on Wednesdays and get a cupcake for yourself, your family, and your friends, because each cupcake helps!

And don’t forget to join us at their event, Lemurpalooza, on October 3rd as well! Sugarland will be there with cupcakes, and a portion of those sales will also be donated to DLC! You can register for the event here. We can’t wait to see you there!

Sugarland and Duke Lemur Center

Sugarland & Carolina Tiger Rescue

Carolina Tiger Rescue Sugarland Charity of the MonthSugarland is thrilled to announce that this September we will be partnering with Carolina Tiger Rescue! We are so excited to be a part of the amazing work they’re doing over at CTR!

CTR began in the ’70’s as a research institute dedicated to breeding lesser known species of carnivores to expand the genetic pool. Since then, their mission has evolved from breeding and research to protection and rescue. Today, they operate as a wildcat sanctuary, committed to providing protection to these cats in the wild and captivity, rescuing wildcats from pet trade, and education and awareness about wildcats. They house 70-80 wildcats and have 10 different species! You can check out information on all the animals they have here.

So what can you do to help? Eat cupcakes! We will be donating a portion of our cupcake sales every Wednesday to Carolina Tiger Rescue. The donations they receive are vital to providing care for their animals and rescuing other wildcats who need a safe home. So bring your friends by and have something sweet to support a sweet cause!

Carolina Tiger Rescue

Cupcakes for Kidzu!

Cupcakes for Kidzu Charity of the MonthWe have some exciting news Sugarfans! We’re thrilled to announce we’re partnering with Chapel Hill’s own children’s museum, Kidzu! Kidzu provides fun, educational exhibits and programs to inspire the imagination of young children right here in downtown Chapel Hill. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more updates and ways to get involved.

Kidzu has been working hard for years towards an amazing new museum that will allow them to do even more for the kids. The Town of Chapel Hill has provided Kidzu with a new location on the Wallace Plaza, and some awesome plans are in the works! The new space is over 15,000 sq ft, plus a fantastic outdoor area for kids to learn and play.

We’re excited to support the expansion by donating 75 of every cupcake sold on Wednesdays in Chapel Hill all month long to Kidzu! So, tell your friends, tell your neighbors and stop by any Wednesday in July to support the kid friendliest fun in downtown Chapel Hill!

Great coffee, even better cause.

Care Cups Oak City RoastersWe know what do-gooders our Sugarfans are, and we love to spread the good as well! We’ve got a wonderful opportunity for you to help out with an awesome cause! Oak City Roasters, the wonderful company that makes our delicious coffee, has come up with a brilliant new business model to create individual servings of their coffee, similar to K-Cups, which they will call Care Cups. The product will allow people to have local coffee shop taste come right out of their Keurig, from their own home.

But the product isn’t really what this is about. Oak City Roasters has partnered with Wake Enterprises to employee adults with developmental disorders to create and produce the Care Cups, which is awesome! They intend to give adults with autism an opportunity they don’t normally get- the opportunity for real, full time employment, making a product they can be proud of. We’re so excited about employment opportunities for the developmentally disabled!

We love to support this cause! But we can’t do it alone. Oak City Roasters needs funds for equipment and other costs associated with starting such an awesome business. These crucial funds come from generous people like you, our dear Sugarfans, and you are the ones who can make this amazing dream a reality. Even if it’s just $5, every donation makes a difference. You can visit their website to find more information and donate to this amazing project!