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Carolina Tiger Rescue

Calling all Sugarfans! The tigers need your help! Sugarland will be partnering with the Carolina Tiger Rescue during the month of September. 

Aria Carolina Tiger RescueWe’re excited to help out these beautiful wildcats and we’ll be donating a portion of every cupcake sold on Wednesdays to the Carolina Tiger Rescue. Make sure you come by on Wednesdays and get a cupcake for yourself, your family, and your friends, because each cupcake helps!

In case you have never been to Carolina Tiger Rescue, we hope you will go out for a visit – but before you do, meet Aria:  Aria was born on May 25, 2003 to a breeder in South Carolina.  Her family took her to live in their backyard in the country until the age of 10.  When Aria was 10 she became very ill and began to lose weight even though she was eating.  Her owners attempted to find vet care but were unable to find anyone willing to care for a tiger.  Over the next few months Aria became very thin and her fur became feathery and frail.  She was so weak, she could not even lift her head.  Aria was around 200 pounds, nearly half the weight she should have been, when Animal Control officers came to evaluate her situation and immediately called Carolina Tiger Rescue.  When Aria first arrived at Carolina Tiger Rescue, she had a thorough examination and blood tests showed she had a “pancreatic deficiency”.  Aria was fed beef pancreas with her food to provide enzymes that her body couldn’t.  After a few months Aria regained all her weight and was moved to a spacious grassy habitat.  Today, Aria loves afternoon naps in the sun.  She is a very social tiger and loves to chuffle at visitors and staff.

Come on by, get your delicious on and support our favorite BIG cats at the same time!


  1. Sharon Sheppard says:

    Yes, Carolina Tiger Rescue is a wonderful non profit sanctuary that deserves all the praise and help we can get them!!

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