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Wedding Tip of the Week #6- Beware the Jobbyist

Wedding Cake FailSo, we’ve chatted a little bit about DIY weddings, and so today I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to – The Jobbyist. The jobbyist has a hobby. All the jobbyist’s friends tell him that he’s awesome. So they start to think about baking/photography/floral design/DJing/wedding planning as a way to pick up a little cash.  They launch their Facebook page that all of their friends “like”. Then the jobbyist gets a website, and some of them are pretty sexy, because the jobbyist has a lot of time to work on it, since he’s not terribly busy making cake/arranging flowers/ shooting pictures etc.

The jobbyist is fun to hire!! They’re super enthusiastic, and oh, by the way, their prices seem amazing.

But here’s the thing, the jobbyist may or may not have the slightest clue what they’re doing. Look closely. Are all the wedding planner jobbyist’s pictures from 1 or 2 weddings? Have you looked up their online reviews? Everybody has a couple of friends and family who will say nice things about them.

To make sure your wedding professional is truly professional, check out a few things:

1- Online reviews- 100 reviews with a 4 star average is a better bet than 4 5 star reviews.

2- Check the Secretary of State’s website. Businesses with Tax ID’s, insurance and all their licensing in place are usually registered as an LLC partnership or S-corporation.

3-Referrals/Media- Your wedding venue and magazines like Southern Bride and Groom are a great place to start.  A venue won’t want the liability of an uninsured amateur on the premises, and industry magazines always want the best of the best in their glossy pages.

In North Carolina, there are a lot of great wedding vendors who work out of a home office, so that’s not, by itself, something to worry about, but before you sign on for a “too-good-to-be-true” price for wedding services, do a little homework, and you’ll save a lot of heartbreak!

Happy Wedding Season!




Nerdtastic Cakes!!

We are totally on board with the nerdy population right now. From the Potterheads to the Whovians, we love us some nerds. They always want awesome cakes, and we are thrilled to make them! Seriously- what’s better than a cake version of the USS Enterprise?!? It’s perhaps only slightly less awesome than a “Woman of Science” cake, get this, for a four-year-old’s birthday. Nerd is a lifestyle, not a label, and you gotta start ’em young! Nerd cakes are some of our favorite cakes to make, so we hope you enjoy looking at these as much as we enjoyed making them! Breaking Bad Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis Breaking Bad cake is awesome for chemistry lovers!

Star Wars R2D2 Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillR2D2 has never looked quite so tasty!

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillHow awesome is that Golden Snitch for a Harry Potter fan?

Women of Science Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis is a super science-y cake that is perfect for an aspiring young nerd!

Pacman Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillPacman is one of the original video game nerd favorites- and looks awesome on a cake! Waka waka waka!

Star Trek USS Enterprise Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThe USS Enterprise is off to the final frontier- your plate!

Jane Austen Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillBook nerds will love Jane Austen- a class book and a gorgeous cake!

Minecraft Birthday Cake SUgarland Raleigh Chapel HillMinecraft looks pretty awesome on a cake!

Lego-Palooza comes to Franklin Street!

Lego ManLooking for something fun to do with your little ones on Franklin Street? This weekend is Lego-Palooza at the Morehead Planetarium! Put on by the North Carolina LEGO User’s Group for the last nine years, this lego-tastic exhibit will host awesome displays and Lego scenes. The exhibit will include all your favorite Lego sets, from amusement parks to city landmarks and more!

Visitors can enjoy all the Lego models on Saturday, April 26th from 11am-4pm and Sunday, April 27th from 1pm-4pm. Admission is free and the exhibit is recommended for children over the age of six. After you’re done exploring all the lego-mania, take a quick walk up the street and get yourself some yummy cupcakes or refreshing gelato! It’s a beautiful weekend to enjoy a tasty treat on Franklin Street and check out some really cool Legos!

Cuteness overload… we just can’t help ourselves.

Babies are cute and cuddly. They have chubby little arms and legs, soft tummies, and cheeks you just want to pinch. But often times they cry, and they’re very messy. And that’s not so cute. But you know what is cute all the time? Cake. Specifically, cakes for babies. Cakes to celebrate babies, whether it’s a baby shower, gender reveal, or first day home from the hospital. You can never go wrong celebrating with cake!

We love making baby cakes. We get to be there for the fun part to celebrate, rather than the messy, screaming, crying part. Making adorable fondant sheep, owls, jungle animals, and sailboats (plus tasty cake!) is plenty baby cuteness for us! We also love hearing about what you think is the sweetest little baby cake, so leave us a comment and let us know which one is your favorite!

Mobile Baby Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis baby cake was designed to look like a mobile with cars and sailboats!

Whale Baby Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillAren’t those just the cutest?

Sailboat Baby Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis baby was welcomed home with an adorable sailboat cake!

Sheep Baby Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillCarrington got this sweet cake with little sheep on it!

Pink Bird Baby Girl Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis adorable little bird cake is perfect for a baby girl!

Baby Sheep Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillHow cute is that sheep?! And perfect for any baby!

Sock Monkey Baby Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis little sock monkey cake is precious!

Owl Baby Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillWe love little owls for baby cakes!

Jungle Baby Boy Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThese little jungle animals are adorable and sweet!


Wedding Planning Tip of the Week #5

Pinterest FailWell, dear Sugarfans, if you checked out our last wedding tip, you know that Pinterest can kill a wedding faster than gelato melts in July. Pinterest (and her evil twin sister Etsy) can lead you quickly into the next wedding planning minefield …

DIY!!! To all the glitter queens and hot glue gun princesses who DIY on the reg, go ahead, have a latte and Google what Kimye is up to. We’re not talking about you. You are the ones creating the Pins the rest of us spend hours looking through. And I’m still not sure how you manage it. What is your secret?!?!

But I digress. For us mere mortals, wedding DIY is a tricky notion. At wedding minus 10 months, getting flowers from the farmer’s market and doing your own table cape seems kind of AWESOME and totally “I’m going to rock this” blog worthy. But, as we say at Sugarland, making 3 dozen cupcakes is fun. Making 300 is a JOB. And, you already have a wedding day job. You’re the star of the show!

So, if you have your heart set on a DIY ” personal touch” to your wedding here are our quick do’s and don’ts:

1- Start small. If baking is your thing, try making cute little boxes of treats for your out of towner bags or favors rather than making your own wedding cake.

2- Don’t do anything that can’t be finished at least one week before the wedding.  Trust us, you’ll be busy!! And, a pre-wedding all-nighter clipping fresh magnolias and arranging them is stressful, and besides, you’re bound to break a nail or two.

3- Don’t take on a DIY project just to save money. Do it because you want to. It often doesn’t work out to be any real savings by the time you account for all the tools you have to buy, the time you could be spending doing something like, say making dinner. If that sounds odd, a typical DIY project goes something like this…You cover the entire dining room table with flowers you’re drying for potpourri sachets, you lose track of time stamping all the little bags, and all of a sudden, you’re starving, so you order Chinese take out instead of making dinner, both wasting money AND blowing your wedding diet.

4-My last piece of advice when it comes to DIY weddings is, don’t attempt ANYTHING that you would be heartbroken to have to live without. If your ceremony programs honoring your recently deceased Nana are an integral part of your day, leave it to the professionals. So, wedding cake, dress, bridal bouquet- stay away from the DIY. Tasty wedding favors, programs, out of towner bags, go ahead, give it a go. We’ll even give you a fantastic recipe for cheese straws.


Wedding Cake Wednesday

It’s a beautiful Wednesday right at the beginning of wedding season so we’d like to show off some wonderful wedding cakes! If your looking for ideas for your cake, a friend’s cake, or just planning for the future, you can find some inspiration from some of these gorgeous and popular cakes. We’ve recently noticed some trends in wedding cakes that are all the rage. Ombre, which is a gradual fading of colors from light to dark, is popular for clothing, painting, and hair dyeing. Although we like it best on cake! Ombre is a really pretty way to tie in all the shades of your favorite wedding color. All white wedding cakes are also popular this year and oh so classy. Let us know what you think of these cake trends!

Pink Rose Wedding Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis beautiful four-tier cake is a twist on our all white cakes with a beautiful pop of color in the flowers on top!

Floral Wedding Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillLook at those awesome flowers! They look gorgeous on this cake.

All White Flower Wedding Cake Sugarland Chapel Hill RaleighThis simple yet elegant all white cake is stunning with a cascade of flower petals down the side.

All White Bow Wedding Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillA big bow makes this all white cake pretty and classic!

All White Wedding Cake Sugarland Chapel Hill RaleighThe texture on this all white cake makes it unique!

White Sugar Flower Wedding Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillA perfect and classic all white cake with sugar flowers is stunning!

Orange Ombre Wedding Cake Sugarland Chapel Hill RaleighThis peach ombre cake is so cute! Especially with the cake topper!

Blue Green Ombre Pinwheel Wedding CakeThe blue and green ombre pinwheels on this cake make it a fun and pretty Summer wedding cake!

black and white applique wedding cake sugarland raleigh and chapel hillThe black flowers on the white cake a dramatic and fun!

Wedding Cupcake Tree Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillOne of my favorite wedding cake trends is cupcakes! We love this wedding cake tree!


Graduation cakes are here!

For the first time in the history of ever, we’re offering online graduation cake ordering!

Since our graduation cakes are so popular every year, we thought we’d try and make it a little easier to get one!  The store has a handful of our most popular grad cake designs that you can customize for UNC, Duke, or NC State.  You get to choose from several different side designs, flavors, and sizes to create the perfect cake for your grad!

Sugarland Raleigh and Chapel Hill Graduation Cakes UNC, Duke, NCSUIf you are looking for something more customized, check out our Graduation Cakes Pinterest board and shoot us an email.  Don’t forget that this weekend fills up fast, though, so place your order as soon as you can!

Since we’re new to having an online store, please let us know if you have any trouble placing your order.

Lemurs at Sugarland?!

Duke Lemur Center Maky at SugarlandIt’s Lemur Week and our friends at the Duke Lemur Center have devised a fun, Triangle-wide scavenger hunt called Lemur Quest!  There are tons of participating businesses all with one of DLC’s Lemurs just waiting to be found!  To participate, just go print your field guide and take pictures with the lemurs!  You get points for posting them to social media and triple points if you get a selfie with Maky!  He’s the Lemur Center’s mascot and he’ll be making appearances all over the place!

He stopped by at the Chapel Hill store on Sunday and we got to snap a few shots!  Maky and the DLC volunteers were super nice and got to enjoy some sweet treats with us!

Don’t forget to stop in to both Sugarland locations to find the lemurs like these sweet ladies!

Duke Lemur Center Lemur Quest for Lemur Week at Sugarland

And don’t forget that we have pictures of lemurs with Sugarland cupcakes!  Guaranteed to make you smile!

The Final Four in the Great Cake-Off

Having given up completely on my ACC bracket, I can turn my attention to my much more successful Great Cake-Off bracket! This week begins the Final Four of the Great Cake-Off, and we’re down to the four best cakes picked by you! There have been some close matches, with neck-and-neck pinning, and a clear favorite by all. [Read more…]

Wedding Planning Tip of the Week #4

When Bad Pinterest Happens to Good Weddings

Pinterest Blog Photo

If you tuned in for last week’s wedding planning tip, hopefully you’ve got all your vendors picked out! At this point, you’re going to start looking for details like decorations, favors, and fashion. You’re probably thinking you’ll just scroll through Pinterest, looking for a little pinspiration, right? Wrong.

[Read more…]