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Birthday Cake for Everyone!

Birthday cake isn’t the only way to celebrate another year wiser, but it sure is the tastiest way! We have cake for every birthday boy or gal, no matter what they like best. We love to share our latest and greatest creations with you! So feast your eyes on these delightful desserts. We’ve got cake for Nan, who deserves to be treated like a queen! And don’t forget a super hero lover, a Rubik’s cube enthusiast, and more!

How did you celebrate your birthday this year?

Queen Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillFor Nan, queen of the family, this royal purple cake is topped with an amazing fondant figure! [Read more…]

High Protein, Ebola, and Global Warming. Oh my!

High Protein, Ebola, and Global Warming…

(guest post by Katrina Ryan, executive chef)

So, I bet you never thought you’d see a blog title like that on your favorite bakery’s website.

2014 was a tough year for cake. Americans spent over 2 billion dollars on Greek yogurt, which gives cupcakes a little bit of a complex, since they don’t feel like your favorite treat anymore. Add to that every cup of the high protein, lower sugar snack uses 5 times as much milk to produce as traditional yogurt. “So what?” you ask…Butter, that’s what. Here at Sugarland, our butter bill has always been more than the rent on the Chapel Hill store, but in 2014 butter prices very nearly doubled due to the amount of milk being used by Greek yogurt manufacturers. Since we never use any funny fats, that’s a lot of extra butter budget.

And if that weren’t enough, globally, the tsunami in the Indian Ocean wiped out about a 1/3 of the worlds vanilla plantations, sending vanilla bean prices up by 64%, and the increase is doubling each month. Prices went up 12% from October to December. Ebola in Africa is killing large amounts of the worldwide chocolate supply (or more specifically, the people who harvest cocoa beans), and chocolate prices are expected to more than double this year.

We work very hard to keep our prices at a point that Sugarland is an amazing wedding value. Rather than cheapen our ingredients or cut corners, after looking at the math, we are announcing our first price increase since 2011. Weddings booked after January 20th will be subject to 20% price increase, meaning our wedding package prices will start at $6 per guest.

We still have 3 spots left in our tasting this Sunday afternoon if you’d like to get ahead and guarantee 2014 prices. Likewise, if you’ve been to see us for a tasting or consultation, by calling us and giving us your wedding deposit by the end of the day on the 20th, we will honor our 2014 pricing as well.

We hate, hate, hate having to start the year with such a buzzkill, so PLEASE take us up on the 2014 pricing offer if you can.

The Carolina Inn Bridal Show is here!

Carolina Inn Bridal ShowGuess what?! It’s our favorite time of the year- wedding planning season!! First off, we’d like to say congrats to all our brides to be! Whether you’re counting down the final days, or still trying to get used to seeing the ring on your finger, this is a very exciting time! And what makes wedding planning easier than all your favorite vendors in one spot? [Read more…]

Wedding Cupcakes- The Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding Cupcakes Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillWedding cupcakes have made their mark in the world of wedding desserts! There’s nothing cuter than an individual cake for each of your guests, especially decorated to match your wedding. These tiny treats are whimsical and sweet, and so fun for your guests to unwrap and enjoy.

But are they right for your wedding? If you’re looking to save some money with dessert in your budget, think again. These mini cakes can add up, especially if you want to get fancy wrappers or intricate decorations. [Read more…]

Gold and Glamorous Wedding Cake

It’s the beginning of another wedding season and you know what that means- it’s time for more wedding cakes! Whether you’re newly engaged, deep into the planning, waiting for the ring, or you just like looking at tasty treats, you can feast your eyes on these gorgeous cakes! We sometimes notice trends in cake, and recently we’ve been feeling these glamorous gold details. We love sparkly gold ribbon, hand painted gold details, and wedding cake that is completely coated in the magnificent metallic.

What are your favorite wedding cake trends? Do you prefer a classic white cake with pretty flowers? Or do you love these lustrous desserts?

Gold Leaf Wedding Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThe gold leaves and beautiful gold topper on this cake make it romantic and elegant! [Read more…]

A Bundle of Baby Cakes and Joy!

One of the best things about babies (aside from the soul-bursting sense of fulfillment and deep love), is that they are so freaking adorable and pretty accommodating (since they don’t have a lot of recourse aside from crying…). You can put them in the most precious, squeal-worthy outfits. You get to decorate their rooms however you want. You can pose them in the cutest photographs (you know, the ones with tulle and little baby fat rolls everywhere!). And you can do all this without any worry that they will complain, roll their eyes, or give you any lip. That is, until you start busting out the baby pictures the first time a date comes to the house… but that’s years away.

Another great thing about this time in your little one’s life and the ability you have to take advantage of all the cute, is the birthday parties! Oh the options for theme are innumerable and I’m pretty sure there’s no limit to the amount of adorable you can cram into one day. We love being a part of these celebrations and getting to bring such sweet cakes to life!  So, without further adieu, let’s get on to the cute confections.  Comment below and let us know which is your favorite!

Don’t forget, you can always see more adorable cakes like these on our Pinterest!

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Baby Lion Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel Hill

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