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Show the Lemurs Some Love!

Yay Lemurs! Sugarland and Duke Lemur CenterCalling all Sugarfans! The lemurs need your help! Sugarland will be partnering with the Duke Lemur Center during the month of October. The Duke Lemur Center was founded in 1966 on 80 wooded acres near Duke’s main campus as a research and conservation facility. Today, they house almost 250 animals across 21 different species and they are the largest collection of lemurs in the world outside of Madagascar! I got to go hang out with these guys for the afternoon and take them some cupcakes- aren’t they adorable?!

We’re excited to help out these cute little guys! We’ll be donating 75 cents of every cupcake sold on Wednesdays to the DLC. Make sure you come by on Wednesdays and get a cupcake for yourself, your family, and your friends, because each cupcake helps!

And don’t forget to join us at their event, Lemurpalooza, on October 3rd as well! Sugarland will be there with cupcakes, and a portion of those sales will also be donated to DLC! You can register for the event here. We can’t wait to see you there!

Sugarland and Duke Lemur Center

Quick Cake Calculus

Don’t be scared, there’s no quiz at the end :) We decided to write this handy blog post to clear up some serious cakefusion that happens all the time around here. When you order a cake from Sugarland, one of the first things we ask you is “How many people do you need to feed cake?” That may sound like a silly question, but different bakeries calculate cake servings VERY differently. We like everyone to have a generous portion of cake, and a little room for cutting mishaps, spilling mishaps, and those situations where everybody wants an edge with extra icing. Our cake pieces are a good 25-33% bigger than industry standard, so keep that in mind when we say “I promise you won’t run out of cake unless two of the people you’re feeding are Shaggy and Scooby Doo.” Likewise, if you’re planning a wedding or large event, our $5/serving piece of cake is about 1/3 bigger than most area venues will cut, so you can easily order 75 servings of cake from us for a 100 person wedding and have enough cake for everyone.

How much cake should I order? 

As I mentioned earlier, we err on the side of gluttony. Here are our suggestions for A La Carte cake orders.  When you get into the bigger cake sizes, you can probably size down one size if you have a lot of children, dieters, or grumpy people who don’t like cake in attendance at your event.

8 inch round: 12-15 servings
10 inch round: 18-25 servings
12 inch round: 30-40 servings
9 x 13 inch: 30-40 servings
12 x 18 inch: 60-70 servings

Getting the number of serving you need from your cake will, of course, depend on how you cut it.  Our cakes are 4 to 5 inches tall, depending on the flavor and design, so if you whack it into traditional pie shaped wedges, each piece of cake will feed a mid-sized village or 70 sorority girls the week before Spring break.

How should I cut my cake?

We suggest you cut all cakes in strips and then slice them straight across (if you don’t understand, see our chart below). This is a standard industry chart. As you can see, everybody cuts cakes a lot smaller than we do. In the case of stacked cakes we like to leave in some extra pieces. Some are going to to maimed by the cake supports. Some of the pieces on the edge won’t have all of the delicious filling because of the buttercream dam (it’s the bit of frosting that holds the filling inside the cake). So, we’ll always make sure you have enough pieces of cake for everybody to be happy.

This is how we suggest you cut your cake.  There are other crazy methods online that involve cutting concentric circles and then pie wedges out of each of the ever smaller circles, but that’s confusing, and it takes too long to figure out, especially since there’s at least one piece of cake with your name on it.

How to Cut Cake


How to Cut Cake



Caramel Apple Spice is back!

Caramel Apple Spice CupcakeWith just a few weeks left until Fall, we’re bringing back our Caramel Apple Spice cupcake! This cupcake is a spice cake with a yummy apple filling, topped with a cream cheese icing, apple, and caramel drizzle! Caramel Apple Spice is the perfect match for boots and a scarf weather, bundled up in your favorite cozy sweater as the weather turns cool and the leaves start to change colors. You can come enjoy it every Friday this month! Be sure to check out our Du Jour Menu and Pinterest page for a full list of our cupcakes!