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Sugarland & Carolina Tiger Rescue

Carolina Tiger Rescue Sugarland Charity of the MonthSugarland is thrilled to announce that this September we will be partnering with Carolina Tiger Rescue! We are so excited to be a part of the amazing work they’re doing over at CTR!

CTR began in the ’70’s as a research institute dedicated to breeding lesser known species of carnivores to expand the genetic pool. Since then, their mission has evolved from breeding and research to protection and rescue. Today, they operate as a wildcat sanctuary, committed to providing protection to these cats in the wild and captivity, rescuing wildcats from pet trade, and education and awareness about wildcats. They house 70-80 wildcats and have 10 different species! You can check out information on all the animals they have here.

So what can you do to help? Eat cupcakes! We will be donating a portion of our cupcake sales every Wednesday to Carolina Tiger Rescue. The donations they receive are vital to providing care for their animals and rescuing other wildcats who need a safe home. So bring your friends by and have something sweet to support a sweet cause!

Carolina Tiger Rescue

Adorable cakes that are delightfully delicious!

Cake should be more than just tasty, it should be stunning to look at too! And as for our kid’s cakes- they are simply adorable. We’ve worked hard to make sure our cakes are the tastiest cakes around. We use only the freshest ingredients in recipes perfected by our executive chef and wonderful baking staff. You know you’re going to be getting delicious cake, and we want you to see just how awesome our cake looks! All our pastry chefs are trained to make the best cake possible, but they’re more than chefs- they’re sugar artists! They create adorable sugar statues and perfectly piped pastries to make the cutest kid’s cakes around! We’re proud to present Puffins and Princesses, Star Wars and Frozen, and many more adorable cakes for you to feast your eyes on! Let us know what you think :)Star Wars Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillMay the Force be with this birthday cake!

Pink Princess Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis pink princess birthday cake is so sweet!

Sesame Street Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillBig Bird, Elmo, and Cookie Monster are all here on this super cute Sesame Street Cake

Star Wars Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillWe make a lot of Star Wars cakes!

Puffin Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillHow cute is this Puffin?!?!

Olaf Frozen Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillWe also make lots of Frozen cakes, and we can’t handle how cute Olaf is!

Frozen Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillDo you want to build a snowman? Or maybe just eat some cake?

Soccer Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThe soccer ball is the star of this cake, and it’s going to be delicious!

Dr Seuss Red Fish Blue Fish Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillOne cake, two cakes, red cake, Dr. Seuss cake!

Elephant Circus Baby Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel Hill Adorable cakesThe happy little elephant on top of this circus cake is precious!

Pink Elephant Baby Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillWhat a sweet little elephant on this first birthday cake!

Super Sweet Spa Night

Hand and Stone Spa Raleigh NC for Super Sweet Spa NightJoin us on Wednesday, August 27th for a Super Sweet Spa Night! We’ll be partnering with Hand and Stone Spa to bring you an awesome spa night of sugar and massages. Get excited for an evening of sweet treats, your favorite wine, getting pampered, and fun times with your friends!
Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa has been working hard to open their newest location in Cameron Village. They’ll be joining us soon, but are excited to show off some of their awesome services at Sugarland before they open! They’ll have some specialists here to provide their fantastic Heavenly Hand Massages, and will also be bringing a spa basket that you can enter in our raffle to win!
We will be having our Girl’s Night Out, which means when you buy a glass of wine, you’ll enjoy a cupcake on us! So grab your friends and make sure you come by next Wednesday between 6-8pm for an awesome night of massages and sweet treats! We can’t wait to see you there!

Pretty Sweet Birthday Cakes

We make dozens of birthday cakes every week and we love to share the cakes we make with you, our dear Sugarfans! We’ve got some pretty sweet birthday cakes to show off, including an adorable blue jay, a guitar, and Calvin and Hobbes! No matter what the request, we can make pretty much anything. From an elegant and classic cake, to intricate 3D sculptures, no cake is too much of a challenge. Let us know which of these birthday cakes is your favorite!

Blue Jay Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillMaggie wanted a Blue Jay on her birthday cake!

Guitar Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillWhat a rockin’ guitar cake!

Kite Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillLet’s go fly a kite!

Corona Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis cake was designed to look like the cap to a Corona bottle!

Rainbow Sprinkles Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThe rainbow sprinkles on this cake are so fun and festive!

Pink Dots Ombre Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillOmbre is trending right now, and looks awesome on this pink polka dot birthday cake!

Calvin and Hobbes Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillCalvin and Hobbes are super cute on this cake!

Blue Chevron Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillChevron is in right now too, and looks super pretty in this shade of blue!

Game of Thrones Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillHow awesome is this Game of Thrones cake?!

Lilly Pulitzer Sailboat Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis Lilly Pulitzer inspired cake is cute and girly and perfect for a Summer birthday!

What does the fox say birthday cake Sugarland Raleigh Cameron VillageWhat does the fox have to say about this sweet birthday cake?

Our New Cupcake-Psychedelic Peach!

Psychedelic Peach Cupcake from Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillIntroducing- Psychedelic Peach! This groovy cupcake is here to please your peachy taste buds. It’s made with a fresh and tasty peach cake, filled with our orange and peach curd filling, and iced with a peach buttercream. We topped it with some peach boba pearls, which are a delicious explosion of peach yumminess!

Make sure you come in on Fridays this month to try out our awesome new cupcake! You can check out the other cupcakes for this month on our Cupcake Du Jour menu, or swing by our Pinterest to see full descriptions of all our cupcakes!

Have your birthday cake, and eat it too!

Birthday cake is delicious. Not just because cake is delicious (which it is), but also because everything tastes just a little bit better on your birthday. And when it’s your special day, you want to celebrate with a cake that means something to you. That’s why we like to make custom cakes that really represent you and let everyone know that today is your birthday! We’ve got sports teams, super heroes, and even a flamingo! Check out these awesome birthday cakes and let us know which ones are your favorites!

Eiffel Tower Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillHow amazing is this Eiffel Tower cake? It’s like strolling through the streets of Paris!

Flamingo in Margaritaville Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis Flamingo cake is celebrating with a margarita and some time in the sun!

Ombre Dots Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillOmbre is in, and looks so pretty on this sweet cake!

Colorful Paisley Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis cake is fun, bright, and colorful!

Yankees Baseball Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillFor a Yankees fan, this baseball cake was perfect!

Old School TV Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillHere’s to a classic- complete with old school TV and antenna!

Hulk Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillDoesn’t the Hulk look like he’s about to burst out of this cake?!?

Flip Flop Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillFor Alena’s Summer birthday, these fun colors and bright flip flops were awesome!

Harley Davidson Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillThis Harley-Davidson cake is hot!

Captain America Super Hero Birthday Cake SUgarland Raleigh Cameron VillageCaptain America will save the day with this cake!

Colorado University Buffalo Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel HillJeff wanted the University of Colorado Buffalo on his cake!

The worst wedding cake idea

The very, very worst wedding cake idea…

There’s a really bad cake out there. Heck, Cake Wrecks has created a cottage industry out of cake mockery, and if you haven’t ever read yourself some Wreckage, you should pour yourself a bit of your beverage of choice and have a laugh.

But somebody once said, “Comedy is tragedy that happens to someone else.”  We’re pretty committed to the minimization of cake tragedy here at Sugarland, so I thought I’d share the worst cake idea I’ve seen in a while that keeps popping it’s sugary little head up all over the wedding-y blogs.

NAKED CAKE~ SHORTCAKE CAKE ~ RUSTIC UNICED CAKE~ Whatever you call it, it is a big ol’ disaster waiting to happen .

Naked cake is a really bad ideaLet’s start here… Lovely cake, don’t you think? Cute as a button for a rustic country wedding. Well, take a second look at the “stand”. It’s a straight cross cut of a tree trunk. You know what lives in bark? Bugs, all kinds of them. You know what bugs like? Cake! So unless you’re looking for an extra bit of protein in every slice, let’s stop setting up wedding cakes on slabs o’ tree trunk.

Naked cake is a really bad ideaNext… It’s important to mention that the coat of buttercream on the outside of the cake is what holds the delicious filling inside the cake. Take a look at this happy couple, they have put the knife in the cake exactly once, and the sucker is already listing to the left because the middle tier that they’re cutting is collapsing.

Naked cake is a really bad ideaBut the biggest reason that you should never, ever consider this really awful wedding idea is this: most of these types of cakes/events happen outside. If you haven’t checked your map lately, North Carolina is in the South, where it can get uncomfortably hot almost anytime of year. When you think of a delicious shortcake, I’ll bet you think of berries and delicious whipped cream in layers of tasty pound cake. Heck, Southern Living featured the cake on the right… they must know something about weddings in the south, right?

Naked cake is a really bad ideaWell, here is what HAACP ( the food safety people) say about whipped cream… The temperature of the food item may not exceed 70° F during the 6-hour time span AND it is necessary to monitor the food item to ensure that the warmest portion of the food does not exceed 70° F during the 6-hour period. Throw out the food item within the marked discard time. Do not store these food items as a leftover. So exactly how often is there a day in the South where the temperature doesn’t exceed 70 degrees? And would you want to be at a wedding on any of those days? The truth of the matter is that beautiful berry laden cake is most likely about as real as a Victoria Secret model’s breasts. Here is what happens to whipped cream outside in the South, and as soon as this even starts to happen, that cake is going to fall apart into a thousand sloppy, goppy pieces as soon as a knife hits it. So, can we please, please stop it with the naked cake?