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The Final Four in the Great Cake-Off

Having given up completely on my ACC bracket, I can turn my attention to my much more successful Great Cake-Off bracket! This week begins the Final Four of the Great Cake-Off, and we’re down to the four best cakes picked by you! There have been some close matches, with neck-and-neck pinning, and a clear favorite by all. [Read more…]

Wedding Planning Tip of the Week #4

When Bad Pinterest Happens to Good Weddings

Pinterest Blog Photo

If you tuned in for last week’s wedding planning tip, hopefully you’ve got all your vendors picked out! At this point, you’re going to start looking for details like decorations, favors, and fashion. You’re probably thinking you’ll just scroll through Pinterest, looking for a little pinspiration, right? Wrong.

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Happy National Proposal Day!

CupcakeproposalAfter all the holiday proposals, we just couldn’t get enough. We saw the Huffington Post article yesterday about National Proposal Day and decided to celebrate. After all, proposals are one of our favorite things! We’ve been fortunate enough to get to play a role in some sweet love stories with even sweeter proposals. Some of our favorite Sugarfans decided to pop the question right here with us!

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Groom’s Cakes Galore

Most brides know what they want, and chances are good they’ve known since they were a little girl. It’s easy to let your groom get lost in all your plans and dreams of big white dresses, flowers, decorations, and bridesmaids! But you don’t want to forget that at the end of the day, the wedding is all about the two of you and it’s important to include him in your wedding.

One way to do something special for him is to get him a groom’s cake. This way he can have a cake that’s special to him and is his favorite kind of cake! A lot of brides choose to make it a secret and surprise the groom at the wedding, where they are typically served at the reception or sometimes the rehearsal dinner. Most groom’s cakes feature something special to him, like an interest or hobby. Some examples include fishing, golf, sports, video games, or exercise. Regardless of what he’s in to, groom’s cakes just look so cool! Here are a few awesome groom’s cakes we’ve made recently! [Read more…]

Wedding Planning Tip of the Week #3

Picking Your Vendors

Maybe the most important thing in picking your wedding vendors is picking someone who likes the style you’ve chosen of their product or service. People who are excited about something naturally do a better job.
Beautiful rustic wedding cake by sugarland raleigh and chapel hill

So, if you look at a florists’ page and what you see are lots and lots of big white poofs, talking to them about your carribean-inspired, brightly colored wedding with bouquets of ginger flowers and birds of paradise is probably going to be more work than fun.

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It’s your birthday, so have cake if you want to!

When it’s your birthday, it should be all about you! After all, it’s a day of celebrating the fact that you were born, and the world is a much more awesome place with you in it! And on your birthday, we think you should eat cake. But not just any cake, you should eat delicious cake. Cake that is your favorite flavor and that includes all your favorite things. That’s why we like to personalize our birthday cakes. We can make you a birthday cake that truly celebrates who you are and what you like best! We’ve made some pretty awesome cakes recently that we’re pretty sure you’d like to see! So here are some of the fantastic birthday cakes for you to feast your eyes on.

Sea Shell Birthday Cake Sugarland Raleigh Chapel Hill [Read more…]

March New Menu Item: Strawberry Milkshake Cupcakes!

Sugarland's Strawberry Milkshake Cupcake

Pretty & Pink Strawberry Milkshake Cupcake!

We’ve been getting tons of requests for a strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream, and since we’re here to make your pastry dreams come true, we obliged!

This sweet treat is made with a yummy strawberry cake and iced with a strawberry cream cheese icing that we think taste just like a strawberry milkshake!  Come try our newest flavor on Thursdays this month- you won’t be disappointed!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of this month’s Du Jours and you can find out more about each flavor on our Pinterest Board!

Pi Month, you say?!

Yes.  Yes, we do.  Pi Day is a veritable holiday in these parts.  Between the math geeks, pastry enthusiasts, and folks who just like to celebrate things, it’s pretty much mandatory that we embrace the tradition.  But this year… it’s not just March 14th that we’re celebrating.  This year, we have a whole Pi Month!

Strawberry Rhubarb Tarts

Friday Pie Day coming to you all Pi Month!

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Indy Week Best of the Triangle 2014

Do you know the best bar in town?  Have opinions on the local Japanese fare?  Know where to get the best cupcakes?  (Just kidding.  That last one was too easy.  Hint:  It’s us!)

Best of the TriangleThen share your thoughts in this year’s “Best of the Triangle.”  Each year, the INDY asks YOU to tell them where your favorite local spots are, and it’s that time again!  You just have to fill in at least 20 categories (out of almost 300!) to submit your answers, and we’re even giving away free cupcakes just for participating! [Read more…]