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Spooky Halloween Cakes…

In honor of this Halloween holiday, we are bringing you some of our favorite spooky cakes from the last couple years!  They’re so cute it’s scary!

Jack-o-lantern birthday cake [Read more…]

Year-old milk and eggs are not delicious.

The other day, an English friend of mine mentioned laying down her holiday cakes to get them ready for Christmas.  She was upset that she hadn’t gotten started months earlier so they would have more time to soak.  Three month old cake might sound like an odd treat, but in all of Great Britain, they make fruit cakes which are essentially fruit stuck together with as little cake batter as possible and soaked  regularly with alcohol over several months (brandy, whiskey, port).

A 65-year-old piece of fruit cake from the wedding Queen Elizabeth II that was just sold at auction

Fruit cake in England, as opposed to the florescent cherry bearing concoction found in the American South, is a medeival way of preserving fruit for the winter. Properly made, it’ll also give you that warm ” holiday glow,” if you get my drift.  This i where the tradition of saving your top wedding cake tier came from too. Originally, the tradition was to save the wedding cake for the first child’s christening.  In England, fruitcake is the traditional wedding cake flavor (and what Will & Kate chose) .  While no one would argue that months or years-old Brandy-infused fruit is a bad thing, the traditional US wedding cake is an entirely different confection. [Read more…]

Sweet Baby Shower Cakes to Make you Smile!

We’ve been doing tons of baby shower cakes lately and thought we’d share some of the cuteness with you!  We have adorable gender reveal cakes with colored frosting inside and tons of cakes to celebrate welcoming the new baby home.

blue anchor boy baby shower cake sugarland raleigh and chapel hill

This was the perfect baby shower cake for a little boy’s sailing-themed party! [Read more…]

National Chocolate Cupcake Day?!!

Sugarland Defcon Chocolate Cupcake

Defcon Chocolate is our pick for the perfect way to celebrate this awesome holiday!

Basically, one of our favorite holidays is upon us! It’s National Chocolate Cupcake Day and we have tons of chocolatey options available for you today!   [Read more…]

Spooky Halloween Treats!

Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays.  I don’t know if it’s the challenge of coming up with a costume that is just the right balance of obscure and topical (and seeing what everyone else comes up with too), the free candy, the community-wide celebration, or what, but it’s crazy-fun and I am super excited that it’s so close!  In honor of this awesome holiday, we bring you spooky treats sure to be a hit with everyone this year! [Read more…]

We Won! We Won!

Sugarland winners at IBIE 2013 in wedding cakes and grooms cakes

The champ and her winning cakes!

We just got back from a whirlwind trip to Fabulous Las Vegas for the cake decorating olympics!  The International Baking Industry Exposition ( IBIE for short ) happens once every three years and is the biggest bakery-centric event in North America.  In Europe, they have SIGEP, which we dream of going to but that’s a blog post for another day.

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Tuesday Boozeday: Tartini!

Super delicious Tartini Frozen Martini from Sugarland in Chapel HIll and Raleigh!

Try our signature Carolina blue concoction at home! It’s the best way to celebrate after a victory or salve the soul after defeat.

This week, we bring you boozy bliss with the Tartini!  Our frozen martinis are a staple of Franklin St. (and now Cameron Village) and the Tartini is a tasty homage to the UNC Tarheels!  This blue beauty has all the fruity trimmings of a great mixed drink, and it’s our favorite color!  Lemon gelato, peach schnapps, pineapple juice, and vodka come together for a frosty treat that’s sure to please!  Make up a pitcher for your next tailgate or night with the girls.  Either way, we promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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