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We’ve got cakes to make any sports fan cheer!

Being so close to two universities (three if you count Duke!), we get asked to do TONS of college and sports-themed cakes.  So, we thought it would be a good time to share some with you!  With everyone getting excited about football kicking off and all the groom’s cakes of Fall wedding season coming up, I’m sure we’ll have tons more over the next couple of weeks.  For now, here’s some sports-piration for the next time you want to celebrate a win!

UNC football cake with an awesome helmet topper.  How cool is that?!

Birthday cakes for hardcore Carolina Football fans! [Read more…]

Meet Josh!

josh wake county math teacher sugarland raleigh supply driveA Sugarland alum turned Math teacher, Josh is part of the inspiration for our Sweet Supply Drive next month!  We know the schools have been hit especially hard lately and being at a brand new school, Josh told us first hand how difficult it can be.  While being a part of shaping the future of his students is a dream come true for Josh, like all teachers, he is faced with time and budgetary concerns while trying to give his students the best education they can get. [Read more…]

Wedding Cake Trends: Gold!

Since we do so many wedding cakes every year, we get to see first-hand some of the growing trends in the industry.  One of the things we’ve been noticing for a while now is the crazy-popular use of gold on wedding cakes.  From subtle touches to dramatic flourishes, we see gold used all over the place!

We love all the different way gold accents can be used to add some shine to a wedding cake.

Gold is a huge wedding cake trend this year- There are tons of ways this versatile color can be used! [Read more…]

Summertime Cakes for Birthdays and Beyond!

Since we’re officially at the end of Summer, we thought we’d share a little leftover sunshine and brighten your day with some fabulous summertime cakes! We have beach birthday cakes and baby shower cakes with sailboats. Watermelons, ladybugs, fishies, and sea turtles, we’ve got all the makings of an edible vacation!

Watermelon Birthday Cake

Watermelon is the ultimate summer treat.  We think this cake and the matching cupcakes are just the cutest little things!  Wouldn’t this be a great addition to a summertime cook out? [Read more…]


We nearly squealed aloud here at Sugarland a couple weeks ago when Buzzfeed  posted an article about “moist” being the worst word ever.  We “literally” peed our pants with joy.

The trouble with describing cake as “moist”, is that unless it’s a runny pudding cake, cake simply isn’t moist.  So as Inigo Montoya would say…

[Read more…]

Sugarland (hearts) Teachers

Schools Logos

Tell your favorite teacher to enter our Sweet Supply Drive during October!

Know an awesome teacher with a wish list of items their classroom needs?  Of course you do!  Tell them to enter Sugarland’s Sweet Supply Drive in October!  As part of our continuing monthly charity program, Sugarland is sponsoring a supply drive to benefit outstanding area teachers.  We’ll collect school supplies from a wish list and Target gift cards all month long and give them to the teacher and their class who get the most votes! [Read more…]

It’s Time for Fall Pies!

Now that it’s September and almost officially Fall, we thought we’d share some of our tasty pie recipes with you!  Below you’ll find our super secret Sugarland recipes for a yummy apple pie and fried pie dough.  The fried pies can be filled with just about anything- jam included- to give you a tasty little bite-sized treat!  Check out the video below to see us make some on My Carolina Today!

[Read more…]

Sugarland and the LGBT Center!

This month, we’re partnering with the LGBT Center Of Raleigh.  They were our very first charity of the month last year and we’re so happy to be working with them again!  They are a great resource for the community and have tons of awesome programs going on all the time.  You can help every week by getting one of our tasty cupcakes any Wednesday in September and we’ll donate $0.75 to the Center!

LGBT Center of Raleigh [Read more…]