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Birthday Cakes for the Boys in Your Life!

We do tons of cakes at Sugarland every week.  From basic birthday to creative celebration, whimsical wedding, gorgeous grooms, and every other kind of cake in between!  This week, we’re sharing boys’ birthday cakes, so feast your eyes on these cute confections!

Kids Tractor Birthday Cake

We made Jeremy his very own construction site… [Read more…]

Tuesday Boozeday: Italian Sunset

Italian Sunset Frozen Martini

Our take on an iconic aperitif of the Amalfi coast!

This week we’re celebrating the beautiful weather with a tasty frozen martini!  Sugarland’s Italian Sunset martini is a frosty riff on the classic campari and orange juice.  We substitute our fantastic blood orange gelato and add a healthy shot of vodka to make this chilly concoction.

Fancy European-types call campari, orange juice, and vodka a Mutticano, but we just call it delicious!

Sugarland Italian Sunset Frozen Martini


3 oz. Blood Orange Gelato
1.5 oz Vodka
2 oz Campari

Combine everything in a blender, mix it up, and strain into your favorite glass.  Enjoy!

Awful Wedding Cake Ideas

With great cake comes great responsibility.  Since we make great cake, we have the responsibility to help our customers make great cake decisions.  With the rise of pinterest, we’ve seen more and more couples come in with heads full of beautiful ideas from hundreds of styled shoots.  While we love these shoots as much as the next person, it’s important to note that styled shoots are, in fact, styled.  They aren’t from real weddings.  While gorgeous and a fantastic source of inspiration, they can also lead to unrealistic expectations.  They are done with the participation of several vendors with unlimited time to perfect and pose each detail and without any budgetary constraints.

One thing about these shoots that is troubling for us is the ideas they give couples about what can, and should, be done with cake.  Cakes in styled shoots are rarely, if ever, real.  And they are certainly not made to be delicious.  This leads to beautiful, inspiring photographs of very bad cake ideas. [Read more…]

Welcoming Babies with Operation Shower!

For our 3rd party with Operation Shower, we said “Welcome to the World, Baby!”  Last week, we headed off to an early morning delivery at Camp Lejeune for our third installment with this fabulous organization.  It was a blast as always and we were so happy to be asked back!  We pulled the adorable sailboat and hot air balloon motifs from their invitations and came up with a great tiered cake design.  Check out some of the pics we snapped below!

Operation Shower Invitation [Read more…]

Sugarland has the Nation’s Most Creative Cake Decorator!

Sugarland's head decorator is the most creative cake decorator in the US!
We’re so pleased to announce that Stephanie, our head decorator, has been selected as one of only a dozen competitors for the Nation’s Most Creative Cake Decorator!  She’ll be jetting out to Las Vegas in October to face-off against 11 other professional decorators (and crush them!!!).  Not only is she one of just 12 competing throughout the US, she is one of only 3 who were chosen without having to complete a qualifying round.  How cool is that?!

[Read more…]

Help Us Choose July’s Favorite Cake!

We always include a “Favorite Cake” in our monthly newsletter, but this month we just did so many totally awesome tasty creations, that we couldn’t choose!  So here’s our top five from July.  We’re pretty sure you’re gonna be impressed, so we’re not even gonna bother with commentary.  Just soak it all in.  Leave us a comment and tell us which one you would pick for July’s “Favorite Cake!”

Super Hero Birthday Cake [Read more…]

Tuesday Boozeday- Frozen Mango Martini

This week we thought we’d share the frozen martini featured on last Friday’s My Carolina Today for a fabulous Mango Martini.  It’s bright, refreshing and wonderfully summery!  Check out the video or just skip to the recipe below.  Happy blending!

Recipe for Sugarland's Frozen Mango Martini

Summer in a glass!

Sugarland Frozen Mango Martini


3 oz. Mango Gelato
2 oz. Vodka
1 oz. Mango Liqueur
1.5 oz. Orange Juice

Mix it all up and enjoy!  Don’t forget to join our Girl’s Night Out club and get a free cupcake when you buy a frozen martini or glass of wine Tuesday-Thursday.  Just sign up in the store!

Sugar and Spice and Girly Cakes that are Nice!

As I was going through the tons of cakes I have to share with you (Apologies!  I have so many to post, so stay tuned!), I noticed how many little girls we’ve celebrated lately.  It seems like in the last couple of weeks, if it’s pink, we’ve made it!  From glitter to frills, tiaras, polka dots, and more, we’ve got the cakes to make any princess smile!

Sweet Candy Crush Saga Birthday CakeAmber got a sweet Candy Crush Saga birthday cake to make her day special.

[Read more…]

It’s National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

The World's Greatest Ice Cream Sandwich.  Gelato and huge macarons make Sugarland Mac Daddys the best way to celebrate national ice cream sandwich day!

The World’s Greatest Ice Cream Sandwich.

Friday, August 2nd is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, another one of our favorite holidays!  It just so happens for you ice cream sandwich enthusiasts, that we have the perfect treat to help you celebrate today: A Sugarland Mac Daddy.   [Read more…]