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More Help for Moore!

Sugarland is accepting donations in the first week of June for the victims of the Moore, OK tornado.  You can also help by coming out in June 5th and getting a treat!  All proceeds will be donated to the rebuilding effort.

You can help by bringing these items to either store during the 1st week in June or make a purchase on June 5th and all proceeds will go to the tornado relief effort.

In the wake of natural disaster, we have always come together as a nation to help collectively shoulder the struggle of those affected.  Last week, one of our own here at Sugarland lost her home in the tornado that destroyed much of Moore, OK.  Though we are all relieved to hear that her family and even their cat, Pretty Miss Kitty, are safe, they and so many others have lost everything. [Read more…]

Cake: The Perfect Mid-week Pick-me-up!

There’s lots of blue and purple to feast your eyes on this week!  From chevrons and sand dollars to purple peonies and more, check out what we’ve been up to!

Adorable blue chevron cake!

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Ten Cakes and Three Big Eyes

We’ve been totally slammed the last couple of weeks which leaves little time for blogging– Oh how we’ve missed you!  To make up for it, here’s an extra long cake post, so feast your eyes on these tasty creations!

Great googly eyed monster cake [Read more…]

Caffeine, Cupcakes, and Classical Art… What Could be Better?

Coffee isn’t just coffee- it’s your jump start in the morning, it’s your triple shot skim mocha latte with light foam, it’s special.  It’s more than just a drink, it’s your coffee.  At Sugarland we feel that way about everything we do.  We take every product we sell seriously and make sure that each one is special.  We’re invested in making every detail exceptional, even our coffee sleeves!  It took a while (plus two artists, a graphic designer, and a custom manufacturer) to get it right, but if you thought you liked our art sleeves before, check these babies out:

Sugarland's Cupcake Classics Art Coffee Sleeves

Aren’t they awesome?  Which one did you get on your caffeine kick this morning?