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Fro-Yo is a No-Go

Frozen yogurt just seems to get cooler and cooler.  I feel like a new fro-yo place is opening up every month!  In fact, some days I pass directly by more than a dozen places to get the frosty treat just on my way to work!

Look for this logo in the case at your favorite frozen yogurt shop. If it’s not there, you’re pretty much just getting soft serve ice cream!

And what’s not to love?  It’s a delicious treat that is not only guilt-free, it’s actually good for you, right?  Turns out, it may not be not so.  Irregular portion sizes, toppings, and more than 20 g of sugar make fro-yo dangerous to your waistline.  Not to mention, most frozen yogurt isn’t even yogurt!  Say goodbye to the live probiotics and active cultures that make real yogurt so good for you. [Read more…]

3-D Cakes All The Way!

This last week was pretty awesome for cakes.  Here are some of the coolest ones we did!

Fighter Jet Cake From Sugarland

 A fighter jet for little Liam.

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Designing a wedding cake with personality

Designing a Wedding Cake with Personality-Sugarland Traditional Wedding Cake

This is a perfectly nice cake, and if it’s what you want, then go for it! But don’t be afraid to add a little personality!

More than any other time, your wedding day is all about YOU!

Yeah, yeah.  Everybody has their birthday, but hundreds of people don’t travel from far away to faun over you and give you things all weekend for your birthday (or maybe I’m just doing it wrong?).  The point is: everything that day is about you two.  You pick the flowers, your favorite foods (who cares if there is bacon in every dish?  It’s your day, by golly!), the people you want there, the music, everything!  You spend weeks trying to find the perfect venue and an invitation that is the perfect balance of beautiful, elegant, cheeky, and informative.  So why would you want a wedding cake that could belong to just anybody? [Read more…]

Sometimes a Cake is Just a Cake…

… And sometimes it’s Niki Minaj’s butt.

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Our March Madness Charity Champions

It has been a really fun month and we’ve gotten tons of great pictures, but now it’s time to announce our winners!  They  had all of March to get Sugarland treats and post pictures of them to various social media pages (it was a brutal challenge, I’m sure).

March Charity  Competition Winners

They worked REALLY hard

And ate a LOT of cake

They shared the Sugarlandy joy

And they are…

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