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Lemurs Like Cupcakes Too!

We’re picking back up our Charity of the Month program for April after this month’s super-awesome charity competition!  Next month we are partnering with the Duke Lemur Center.  They are the world’s largest sanctuary for rare and endangered prosimian primates, and they house about 250 animals including 15 species of lemurs.  Their mission is to promote research and understanding of prosimians in their natural habitat to contribute to educational development, conservation, and research.  If you want to help out, come on by to either store and pick up a cupcake on Wednesday.  We’re giving them 75 cents of each one sold every Wednesday all month long!

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This Week, in Cake!

So you need a sugar fix?  Check out a few of the delicious feats we created last week!

The Hunt is Over Cake by Sugarland [Read more…]

Sugarland Sugar Art to Sweeten Your Day!

We’ve been making some sweet cakes the past few weeks!  Here are a few of the really adorable ones!

A sweet box of chocolates for mom

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Help Sugarland Win “Best of the Triangle”!

Hey Sugarfans!

It’s that time of year again…INDY’s “Best of the Triangle” voting season!  Every year, we compete with other great restaurants and businesses in the Triangle and we need your help again this year!

Delicious Sugarland Cupcakes!

  Here are our picks for the 2013 voting season:




Frozen Dessert


Restaurant with Gluten-free Options

Local Coffee Shop

Late Night Munchies

Place for a Blind Date (in Wake & Orange counties!)


Voting is crazy easy and you only have to answer 20 questions, so it can easily be done in 5 minutes.  If you vote for us in all of the above, that’s half the survey right there.  So, go vote! (please?!)


Which Cupcake Was Your Favorite??

We had a BLAST last Wednesday at our Celebrity Cupcake Wars extravaganza! It was great to meet some of our cupcake poets and the celebrities did a terrific job!  Our girls in the kitchen worked their butts off getting ready for the party and we think it worked out famously.  Each team got a basket filled with 5 secret North Carolina ingredients and they had to use at least three in an original cupcake concoction.

 photo sugarland 5th birthday

The Yellow Team made up of Ed & Heba paired with the lovely Alysia.  They were representing the Pay It Forward Fertility Foundation, and had the “North Carolina Icons” basket.  This basket was made up of North Carolina items that are now famous all over the country including Krispy Kreme donut holes, Texas Pete, Moravian Cookies, Biltmore Wine, and Pepsi. [Read more…]

Take a Break & Look at Cake!

We’ve had another crazy-busy week here in the Sugarland kitchens!  Between Mardi Gras celebrations, Valentine’s, planning our totally awesome birthday celebration, and general Sugarlandy-ness, we managed to snap a few shots.  We’ve got everything this week from Big Bird, to a fantastic wedding cake for a small Indian affair, and even ZOMBIES! [Read more…]