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And the Winners Are…

They might not all technically be haikus or limericks, but they are pretty fabulous!

If you didn’t win- don’t fret!  We’d still love to have you!  Everyone will be able to come back and check out the action.  (VIPs get free snacky snacks and drinks and excitement.  Plus they get to say that they are VIPs)


Sweet, fluffy frosting
Soft cake, fulfills all cravings
Remy likes it too!


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Sweet Poetry

Here are some more great submissions!  They aren’t all haikus or limericks, but we think they’re still pretty sweet!


Need some cupcake poetry in your life?  Sugarland is having a cupcake poem competition!

What a great idea
in a tiny, little cake
right on Franklin Street

chocolate, vanilla
for any cupcake craving
Sugarland’s the best [Read more…]

Need Some Poem-spiration?

Inspiration for your cupcake poem that is…

Here are a few of the poems that have been submitted so far!  A couple of these are looking good for winning those VIP tickets!  The ten best poets get tickets, so there’s still plenty of opportunity for you to win!


Oh yummy Princess Kaylyn cupcake,

We share a birthday month, see?

So special to me.

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Social Media Charity Challenge

Do you have a favorite charity or non-profit organization that could use $500?  Our cupcake competition is just the beginning of a month-long birthday celebration and charity challenge!   [Read more…]

Cupcakes are like poems, right?

I mean, I like them both, so they’re probably similar…

Since we have had such an exceptional response to our birthday cupcake wars extravaganza coming up on the 27th, we can’t accommodate everyone in the back to see the competitors baking.  SO….we’re having a pre-competition, competition!  (There are also two post-competition, competitions, so maybe we’re getting a little competition happy, but who cares?) [Read more…]

Valentines Day and Sugarland were made for each other!

Over the years, we’ve been a part of many love stories…

We’re a great first date spot.

 We’ve even been told that we’re the best place to be after a break up (cupcakes, alcohol, and our staff is almost all girls!)

Many a couple has gotten engaged surrounded by our pretty blue walls

And of course, we make a lot of wedding cakes. [Read more…]

Happy Birthday to Us!

Sugarland is having an exciting charity cupcake competition!

*there probably won’t be any flying cupcakes

Can you believe it?  We’re already turning five!  It seems like yesterday we were painting the walls blue for the first time…

To celebrate, we’re going all-out in true Sugarland style.  Get ready for dirty aprons and sprinkles galore- we’re hosting our own Celebrity Cupcake War!  We’ve asked several local celebrities to come out and face-off in a confectionary competition that will challenge them both mentally and physically.  They’ll be in a race to come up with their own flavor combinations and decorations to match a surprise theme that is revealed the day of.  Don’t worry, though!  We’re pairing them up with our pastry chefs to make sure there aren’t any cupcake-tastrophies!

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We’re so Excited for Mardi Gras!

So excited, in fact, that we’re going to have cafe au lait and beignets for $5.99 to celebrate.   [Read more…]

Doing Good Tastes Good!

We all know that doing a good deed can make us feel good, but as usual, Sugarland has taken it up a notch- now it tastes good too!

You may have seen that we have a great new charity program where we partner with a different organization each month.  We have raised money for the LGBT Center of Raleigh, the Red Cross, the Carolina Tiger Rescue, and collected toys for the Boys and Girls Club’s Angel Tree just to name a few.  With your help, we’ve been able to donate thousands to many great charities in the area, so thank you!

Ally eyeing a cupcake at Sugarland

This is Ally (also known as “Alligator” and “the nicest dog ever”) She is an assistance dog specially trained by EENP. Also, we think it’s crazy adorable that she is sitting in a chair.

In February, we’re doubling down and are working with an organization in each store- thats two charities this month!  So, whether you’re in Raleigh or Chapel Hill this month, stop in and satisfy that sweet tooth guilt-free!

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