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Gimme Some Sugar

It’s been a while since we shared some of the sweet things we’ve been working on, so here’s a couple from the last few weeks: [Read more…]

What’s Brewing at Sugarland?

Have you noticed anything different about Sugarland lately?  No, we didn’t lose a few pounds or get a hair cut- we have new coffee!

It was a long process with lots of cuppings, but we’ve finally gotten one that we think you’ll really like.  Ceremony Coffee is as passionate as we are about quality, and they sure do roast a mean bean! [Read more…]

The Girl Scouts Are Some Creative Cookies!

Boy are we excited for 2013.  We have so many plans and projects in the works it’d make your head spin!  If you got our newsletter, you saw that we have  a new director of operations, Chris.  He’s super nice, so give ’em a high five if you see him!

The Girl Scouts came to visit this weekend, and they were adorable as usual!   We’re always happy to give the grand tour, and the girls of troop 1154 even got to make up some of their own cupcake flavors!  After introductions they got to see the heart of Sugarland (the kitchen) and speak with Katrina, our owner and executive chef.  Then they broke into groups and had a cupcake wars-style flavor-off. [Read more…]

Aloha, Elvis!

Here at your favorite sweet shop, we have a tradition.  A birthday tradition, in fact.  Whenever one of our superior staff has a birthday, they get to pick a cupcake for our du jour calendar (You may remember the “Happy Birthday Princess Kaylyn” cupcake for a few months ago).  In light of this and our devoted reverence for The King (Sorry, I am not looking at you Michael Jackson), we bring you The Elvis: [Read more…]

Our Ten Sugarlandiest Resolutions

… And yes, Sugarlandiest is a word.  It means the most Sugarlandy.  Which is also a thing.


1) Eat more fruits and veggies

Passion fruit gelato and carrot cake count as fruits and veggies, right?

Sugarland Carrot Cake Cupcakes [Read more…]