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So You Like Cake?

Then I’m happy to oblige!  Here are a few beauties we made last week! [Read more…]

Fabulous Finger Frills

Ah, Pinterest.  Such a blessing and a curse!  On one hand it’s a great tool and shows you so many wonderful things you might never have found otherwise.  Want to make your own laundry detergent that’s eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic, and only costs $1.17?  You got it.  Need some home-decoration inspiration?  There are hundreds of amazing, beautiful, and even some awe-inspiring houses out there.  Planning a wedding?  Don’t even get me started.

The problem with Pinterest, though, is the staggering amount of things on there.  Sometimes I think the whole web is encapsulated in the great “online pin board.” Getting on there is like going down the rabbit hole.  I got on last night just to find something cool to make for my last minute gifts- you know the ones.  It wasn’t fifteen minutes before I found myself looking at the coolest staircases in the world and outfits for the pets I do not have.  Before long I was elbow deep in wedding boards and engagement rings.  Amazing how that happens!

Anyway,  after much scouring, here are the top five ridiculously gorgeous engagement rings I found!


Source: etsy.com via Sugarland on Pinterest

Source: obaz.com via Sugarland on Pinterest


Wouldn’t one of those be nice all boxed up under the tree?!  Jewelry is always on my list.  There’s just something about that sparkle!

Are you following us yet on Pinterest?  We post lots of fun things!  And if you’re wondering, I did solve my Christmas quandary with homemade ornaments, organic tea, and Sugarland jam gift boxes!

National Cupcake Day?!

I can’t believe tomorrow isn’t a federal holiday by now.  December 15th is National Cupcake Day!  Dun dun dunnnnn.  In honor of this great occasion, I bring you some fabulous Sugarland cupcake trivia!
Delicious Sugarland Black Forest Cupcakes!

In 2011, Sugarland Chapel Hill sold 60,475 cupcakes.  (Not including special orders and catering)

Sugarland Chapel Hill spends more each month on butter than rent.

Our Carrot Cake has won the Texas State Fair four years in a row.

We have our vanilla special blended just for us to be twice as strong as normal vanilla.  (Which is why our vanilla buttercream is so delicious and tastes like vanilla bean ice cream)

The most popular cupcake in Chapel Hill is Peanut Butter Blast and in Raleigh it’s Tuxedo.

The chocolate hazelnut filling we use in our Banana Nutella cupcakes is actually imported from Italy especially for us.

Chocolate Caramel Fleur de Sel is the favorite cupcake of Secret Service agents.

We have more than 1000 flavor combinations with different cakes, fillings, and icings!

Ho Ho Holiday Treats!

This holiday season, why not let Sugarland take a little bit off your shoulders?  We’d love to be a part of the celebration, so let us make your desserts this year!  From to-die-for Buche de Noels and adorable wintery cakes to pies, cookies, seasonal gelato, and everything in between.  Give us a call and see what we can do for you!  You can pick up the menu in the store or see it online here.

Sugarland Buche de Noel

Sugarland Holiday Cakes

Sugarland Holiday Cake

Sugarland Holiday Cakes

Sugarland Holiday Cakes

Sugarland Buche de Noel Cupcakes

Sugarland Holiday Cupcakes


Happy holidays from everyone here at Sugarland.  We hope to see you soon!

It takes a Village…

Every year around this time, we break out the cheer (Champagne?) and decorations.  We haul the boxes out of the basement and attic (yes, there are enough that we have to fill both) and sort through last year’s glitter.  We have a huge 9′ tree that gets covered in sparkly orbs and plastic petit fours and a Christmas Village that is 8′ long this year.   Now this village is quite the production.  There are easily two dozen huge moving boxes filled with buildings, figures, and trimmings that can be used.  The possibilities are nearly endless.  We can make New York or London.  A small town, old village, or bustling metropolis.  It’s so exciting to pull everything out and decide what this year will be!

In the making: Sugarland Christmas Village

Then you get the be a civil engineer and plan where the park with the skating rink (that really moves!) will go, or the church with the newlyweds.  Where will Santa sit this year?  Carolers or musicians in the square?  Are there enough corner buildings for two blocks? Three?  Once the buildings are set up, there are lights, snow, and village people (we’re hilarious, we know) to add.  It’s a production, but it’s so cool!  We took over virtually the whole store to construct it.  There were boxes everywhere!


Anyway, a big thank you to the folks at Brian Mullins Photography who were out in Raleigh the other day taking pictures for our new menu (out soon- look for it!) and I asked if they would snap a few of the village for you to see, since my cell phone pictures are not awesome.

Sugarland Raleigh's Christmas Village

Sugarland Raleigh's Christmas Village

Sugarland Raleigh's Christmas Village

Sugarland Raleigh's Christmas Village

Sugarland Raleigh's Christmas Village

Sugarland Raleigh's Christmas Village

Sugarland Raleigh's Christmas Village

Sugarland Raleigh's Christmas Village


It took 11 hours to finish… I wonder how long it’ll take to put away again?

What’s your favorite part of decorating for the holidays?

Cake: My Favorite Food Group.

And here are a few of the more interesting ones from last week!

Yellow Lace Cake

Don’t you just love that flowery brooch and the gorgeous golden yellow behind the lace?

CTQ Cake

This beaut’ went to the Center for Teaching Quality for their 10th birthday!

Classy Retirement cake

Fondant Venus di Milo

And these pictures don’t show how cool this cake actually was.  The venus turned out really, really well with great details as did the Parthenon.  They even looked like real marble!