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The Best Things in Life are Sugarland Blue!

When you walk into Sugarland, what is the first thing you notice?  For me, it’s the walls.  From the stunning custom cabinetry to the cases of cakes, the first time you come in– it takes a minute to process.  And the BLUE.  We call it “Sugarland Blue.”  Often times, people think that we just chose Carolina Blue since we’re diehard Tarheels, but there’s more to it.  Yes, we love Ramses, but Sugarland blue is actually Pantone 305.  It’s halfway between Carolina Blue and Tiffany’s.  Isn’t that just perfect for us?

Before we opened in 2008, the space had to be totally renovated.  We had to bring it up to restaurant code and put in a kitchen.  It was a ton of work and at one point, even the ceiling fell in!  While all this was going on, we had to think a lot about what Sugarland was going to be. Essentially, the idea was for it to be the kind of place that we’d want to visit.  We wanted to stay true to the character of the building and Chapel Hill itself- making it feel like Sugarland had always been there.

Back to Sugarland blue.  When you think of a 1940s kitchen what do you think?  We thought of kitchens like this, this, and this.  With the rich history of Chapel Hill and the building we were in, plus some really fun vintage inspiration, Sugarland blue came to be.  Besides, isn’t it just a fabulous color?  It’s flattering on everyone and can make just about anything more fun!

Boring laundry room?


Shabam!  Favorite room in the house.

Bleh stove?


Holy best appliance ever!

Making a call on that lame iPhone?

Source: wanelo.com via Sugarland on Pinterest


Hello, happy ears!

Okay, okay.  If you want to see more things that are awesome and Sugarlandy, check ’em out here.  Otherwise, until next time!

Forget Black Friday, this year it’s all about Small Business Saturday!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Our week has been totally taken over by pie baking and getting ready for the festivities, so there is alas no cake post this week.  I do, however, have something very cool to share.  You may already know, but just in case, I wanted to remind everyone that Saturday November 24th is Small Business Saturday!

Sugarland is Celebrating Small Business Saturday

American Express invented this shopping tradition a few years ago and we just think it’s tops!  Basically, it’s a day sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday when we encourage you to shop at local small businesses.  They might no be able to offer you the same ridiculous deals, but it’s a great way to support your local economy (and really awesome people usually work there, if I may say so).

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses account for 99.7% of all employer firms and about half of all the jobs.  What better way then to help the economy and your neighbors than by trying to do a little less shopping at big box stores and a little more at places like Sugarland and the other stores on Franklin St. and in Cameron Village?


Shop Local Small Businesses like Sugarland this Saturday!

This year, American Express is doing even more!  Not only can you get more interesting and unique gifts while supporting your local economy, you actually get money back!  If you have a qualifying card and enroll in the program, you get $25 back when you spend $25 or more at any one store!  How awesome is that?  You can pretty much get your purchase for free!

So, don’t miss the chance to shop small this weekend and come out to Sugarland!  We have some really great stocking stuffers and gifts already in the store like our very own homemade organic jams in a dozen different flavors, Sugarland mugs, Sugarland fleeces (which are ridiculously soft and cute!), and these crazy-delicious popcorn treats that are super addictive.

What the heck has Sugarland been up to?

Whew!  It sure has been crazy over here lately!

Between making cake, getting our retail items in, and everything else, there’s hardly been time to eat!  Now that I’ve found a minute, let me share what we’ve been doing:


Partnering with the Red Cross!

Sugarland Red crossWe had a blood drive last week where we succeeded in filling every single appointment and then some!  The Red Cross bus was at Sugarland just about all day and it was a ton of fun.  They were great to work with and many, many thanks to those who came out and were so patient when we had to start late.  Everyone got Sugarland sweets and swanky sugar swag!  We are continuing our monthly charity program through a partnership with the Red Cross and donating a portion of every cupcake sold on Wednesday this month.


Sugarland Fall Pies Benefit the Red Cross

In the wake of Sandy’s destruction, we decided that we wanted to do even more!  So, we’re also donating $2 of every pie sold this month to the Red Cross for Sandy relief.  Our pies are a whopping 9 inches across and even come in a real pie pan- Grandma would be proud!  One of the counter girls even told me that her favorite things from Sugarland are our pies, so you know they’re good.  You can pick up a menu in the store and read some of the descriptions here.  We have flavors like Pumpkin Pecan, which is the ridiculously delicious combination of two holiday classics, and everything else from coconut cream to maple nut.


Did you see us at the Chocolate Festival?

Sugarland at NCSU Chocolate Festival
We came, we saw, we gave away gelato!  It was great to meet so many people and say hello to some we knew.  The festival is a yearly event held by the NCSU Women’s Center that benefits breast cancer research and the Kay Yow/WBCA Cancer Fund.  Next year is the 10th anniversary and we can’t wait to see what they have in store.  My source tells me it should be exciting!


Put Sugarland Raleigh on your list for holiday shopping!

     You may have seen our custom Sugarland fleeces in Raleigh.  A customer told us it was like wearing a hug, so we ran with it!  They are adorable and soft and great.

Sugarland's retail treats
We have new stuff coming in every day.  Our very own Sugarland Organic jams are here and they are just as tasty as they are cute!  We also have yummy toffee and three unreasonably delicious flavors of chocolatey popcorn treats.  Kitchen Sink Crunch is popcorn, chips, and pretzels all covered in far more chocolate than is necessary.  Sorta Salty Snack has popcorn and nuts smothered in salted caramel and chocolate.  For those of you who like the simple things, Funky Chunky is popcorn and nuts covered in chocolate.  Do not under estimate the deliciosity of these simple snacks.  I cannot effectively articulate how good they really are.  You just have to try them!

Decorating the Tree at Sugarland!


Last, but certainly not least, yesterday was Cameron Village’s Open House!

There was tons of live music, giveaways, sales, and kids activities!  Not to mention, Santa made an appearance!

It’s a little early, but we worked all week to decorate and get the Raleigh store ready.  We  have two trees up and the village is on display.  We had peppermint cocoa, put on Christmas music, and decorated the Christmas tree into the night.  It was so much fun!

Sugarland's Angel Tree


The second tree is our first Angel Tree!  Next time you’re in the store, please check it out. The kids are so sweet and you have to see some of the things they ask for.  It’ll just melt your heart!  I think just about everyone at Sugarland has decided to pick one already, but there are still so many kids that could use your help.  The requests are strikingly small, some ask for just a book or a movie or a doll- one child simply asked for a gift for their mother.


Cakes to Make You Smile!

Many apologies for missing last week’s cake post, but here’s one plus a rhyme to make up for it!


Sugarland Calla Lilly Cake

Last week, we made a wedding cake that was Calla Lilly clad…

Sugarland Texans Cake

And one for a Texan-loving dad..

Sugarland Dr. Seuss Cake

A Seuss-inspired cake for a grad..

Sugarland Red Vs. Blue Cake

And  Red vs. Blue cake that turned out pretty rad!

And if you don’t know what RvB is, but like laughing (and don’t mind cursing), check it out here.

If you’re less into video gamey things and still like to laugh, check this out instead (or too).

Stay tuned for a “What’s going on at Sugarland?” post.  We’ve been working on so many things and I can’t wait to share!

The Pies Are Coming! The Pies Are Coming!

…Well, actually they’re here!

Ah, Fall!  The best time of the year for dessert– after all, bikini season is months away!   Another slice of pie?  “Well, maybe just a small one.”

Sugarland Cherry Pie


Speaking of pie, we have some really fabulous options this Thanksgiving!  Fruit pies like classic Apple with a fantastically flaky top or Dutch Apple with a sweet streusel covering.  We also have lattice-topped Cherry, Blueberry, and Bumbleberry pies to offer.



Sugarland Pecan Pie tart

For something a little nuttier, try the Pumpkin Pecan- it’s the perfect combination of two holiday treats in one!  We also have Maple Nut which is a Yankee version of Pecan pie made with rich maple syrup, walnuts, pecans, and toasted almonds.  If you’re more of a Southern purist, we have a great classic Bourbon Pecan for you too!



Sugarland Sour Cream Pumpkin Pie Tart
We also have all manner of deliciously creamy pies like Banana Cream, Coconut Cream, and Lemon Meringue.  Try a Key Lime to give your holidays a kick, or our rich Sour Cream Pumpkin pie.  The Maple Buttermilk is a sweet Southern classic with a wintery twist that’s sure to please, too!  After all, when you get right down to it, the really important things during the holiday season are family and dessert, right?


Anyway, have you seen the cupcake line-up this month?  It’s pretty super-fantastic!  You have to try the maple bacon spice with candied bacon.  We also have a caramel apple spice with a yummy ginger spice cake and apple filling.  The most exciting one, however, is FUNKY CHUNKY.  It is as tasty as the name is funny!  Made with chocolate cake, caramel cream cheese filling, caramel buttercream, and our newest treat on top.  Come by the store and check it out yourself!

How Sweet was your Halloween?

I hope you had a great time Wednesday night and didn’t freeze your cupcakes off!  We had a lot of fun celebrating with everyone on Franklin St. and in Cameron Village.  Santa even came to see us early!

Santa at Sugarland

And did you get to try one of our halloween cupcakes?  They were so cute!

Sugarland Halloween Cupcakes

Sweetest monsters you’ve ever seen!  (Except maybe this little one, this adorable ewok, and these wild things!)

And introducing Sugarland’s newest employee:  Cale!  He’s our COD (Chief of Deliciosity).

Cupcake Kid

“Hmm… Needs more sprinkles…”

He belongs to one of our friends over at Brian Mullin’s Photography, and isn’t he just adorable?!  We got him a chef’s jacket and hat just like our Sugarland ones for Halloween!

Cupcake Kid's Duds



How would you like to be a Sugarland chef for a day?  What was the best costume you saw?